• Setting up the development environment
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Setting up the development environment

  1. Pull the project from the mercurial repository
  2. Download the IntelliJ Plugin development kit. The development kit contains updated plugin examples and a patched version of JFlex.
  3. Download the JDK 1.5 build of IntelliJ IDEA to build MacOS X compatible plugins on Windows or Linux
  4. IntelliJ IDEA SDK
    1. Define a new IntelliJ IDEA SDK and point it to the JDK 1.5 build of IntelliJ IDEA you downloaded and extracted before
    2. Add the idea.jar from the JDK 1.5 build of IntelliJ IDEA to the newly created IDEA SDK classpath. You will need it for the parser/PSI related classes
  5. Make sure the path to the META-INF point to //"fan4idea\plugin\src\main\resources"// (fan4idea module --> Plugin deployment)

Setting up the Fan compiler for tests

  • Read http://www.fandev.org/doc/docTools/Bootstrap.html for setting up a compiler build environment
  • Respect the layout:
  • ATTENTION: I did a Mac OS setup that uses a more Linux like env, and here are the tricky parts:
    • Edit the /dev/rel/lib/sys.props with (don't forget the slash at the end):
      • fan.build.devHome=/dev/fan/
      • fan.build.jdkHome=/opt/java/1.6.0/
    • Create an environment with:
      • export FAN_HOME=/dev/fan
      • export FAN_SUBSTITUTE=/dev/rel
    • Make the build.fan files executables:
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