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Artifactory uses the Logback Framework to manage logging. Activity is logged according to type in four different log files which can be found under the ARTIFACTORY_HOME/logs folder.

The following log files are available: 


The main Artifactory log file containing data on Artifactory server activity


Security log containing important information about accepted and denied requests, configuration changes, password reset requests. The originating IP address for each event is also recorded


Generic http traffic information similar to the Apache HTTPd request log.


A log used for tracking the process of long-running import and export commands

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Tomcat/Servlet container-secific log files

When running Artifactory inside an existing servlet container, the container typically has its own log files.

These files normally contain additional information to that in artifactory.log or application bootstrapping-time information that is not found in the Artifactory logs.

In Tomcat, these files are catalina.out and localhost.yyyy-mm-dd.log respectively.

Configuring Log Verbosity

Log verbosity can be configured in the Logback configuration file ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/logback.xml.

Viewing Log Files from the UI

You can view or download any of the Artifactory log files from the UI.

From the Admin tab select Advanced | System Logs and select the file you want to view from the drop-list. The log tail view is automatically refreshed every few seconds.


To save system resources, do not leave the log view open in your browser unnecessarily.

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