Artifactory 3.4
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Artifactory provides two modes for browsing repositories:

  • Tree Browsing
  • Simple Browsing

Both browsing modes enforce the defined security rules to ensure you can only perform permitted actions and see just the information you are allowed to see in accordance with system security policies.

When running Artifactory standalone, the default local URL is http://localhost:8081/artifactory.

If the Artifactory WAR is deployed to another servlet container, this URL may vary according to the container-specific deployment configuration.

Tree Browsing

The Tree Browser and the Artifacts tab provides full information about repository items.

For each selected artifact/folder/repository on the tree, a tabbed panel offers detailed data views. Some of the information provided includes actions that can be performed on the selected item:

Viewing Maven Metadata and POMs

Artifactory provides ad-hoc views for Maven metadata (maven-metadata.xml and POM files pom.xml as dedicated tabs when selecting the relevant tree item.

POM View

Maven Metadata View

Download Statistics

Artifactory also provides download statistics information for artifacts, such as total download count, last download time and last download user.

Selecting an artifact in the Tree Browser, this information is available under the General tab, at the bottom of the Info section:

Simple Browser

The simple browser allows you to browse Artifactory using simple path-driven URLs, which are the same URLs used by a build client, such as Maven. It provides lightweight, view-only browsing.

A unique feature provided by this browsing mode is the ability to browse virtual repositories content in a consolidated way and see where each physical repository/s every folder and artifact comes from.

List Browsing

List Browsing provides the most lightweight, read-only view and is similar to simple directory listing provided by HTTP servers.

To activate List Browsing, click the small icon to the right of a repository name in the Simple Browser (marked in red in the screenshot above).

Creating public views with List Browsing

One of the advantages of List Browsing is that it is mounted on a well-known path prefix - list:

This allows the system administrator to create a virtual host that only exposes Artifactory's List Browsing feature to public users, while maintaining all write and advanced privileges, but potentially expensive UI and REST features (such as searches), for internal use.

Remote Browsing

Remote browsing provides the ability to navigate the contents of the remote repository even if the artifacts have not been cached locally.

To view the contents of a remote repository, ensure that the "List Remote Folder Items" checkbox is marked in the remote repository configuration and then navigate via the the Simple Browser or List Browser to the remote repository.

An item (folder or artifact) that has not been cached yet has a small globe icon to its right in the Simple Browser:.

In the List Browser a non-cached item has an arrow to its right:

Initial remote browsing may be slow

Initial remote browsing may be slow, especially when browsing a virtual repository containing multiple remote repositories.
Remote content is cached according to the "Retrieval Cache Period" defined in the remote repository configuration panel.

WebDAV Browsing

Please refer to Using WebDAV.



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