Artifactory HA

The most robust and performant repository manager available today.
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Prevent costly service disruptions

Since Artifactory HA supports failover between several clustered servers, your system will have no single point of failure thereby ensuring that all requests receive a response, and that builds and production deployments never fail.

Minimize maintenance downtime

By implementing redundancy, Artifactory HA allows you to continue running while performing the vast majority of maintenance tasks. Keeping your users happy and unaffected by maintenance downtime.

Manage heavy loads

By supporting load balancing, Artifactory HA allows you to leverage parallel read-write request processing and support heavier load bursts than ever before.


Artifactory HA is the first binary repository to fully support clustering with out-of-the-box active/active server setup. The network topology is comprised of a Load Balancer connected to two or more Artifactory servers that share a common database and Network File Server. All Artifactory servers are connected through the internal LAN in order to stay synchronized and notify each other of actions performed in the system instantaneously.

This configuration presents the following advantages:

  • Load balancer

    Ensures optimal distribution of requests to the different servers enabling consistent response times even with heavy load on the system.

  • Multiple Artifactory servers
    • Ensure your system has no single point of failure. In case of service interruption with any of the Artifactory servers, failover mechanisms will route requests to the remaining servers in the system.

    • Perform most system maintenance tasks with zero downtime.

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