Bintray, the first social platform for storage and distribution of your software libraries.

Bintray is the new way for developers to publish, download and share software across one unified community around the world. This free, cloud-based platform empowers developers to control and streamline the entire process of making software libraries publicly available, with all the services needed to collaborate, advertise and deploy a new software solution.

Created by developers, for developers, Bintray will ease the pain of the software distribution process, and is considered the holy grail that has been missing from the software lifecycle. For the first time, developers have an open, interactive platform that strengthens the relationship between the software publisher and the consumer community and amplifies the developer identity.

Key benefits of the public beta include:
  • Support for Major Repository Formats
    Yum, Debian and Apache Maven are all supported out of the gate, and JFrog will continue expanding its network of supported software library types.
  • Community Wisdom
    Bintray makes peer experiences and tips, consumer feedback, statistics and rankings easily obtainable.
  • Easy to Use User Interface
    Open and interactive, Bintray leverages user libraries that can be stocked with binary downloads, followed by other users and shared within the community.
  • Lightning Fast Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    The platform is highly available and optimized to deliver high-performance downloads.