About JFrog

JFrog aspires to set the world’s Software Development and Distribution standards!

Based in California, Israel and France, founded by longtime field-experts, JFrog, creator of Artifactory and Bintray, has provided the market with the first Binary Repository solution and a software distribution platform on the cloud.

JFrog positions itself between developers and DevOps changing the way these groups store and manage binary code to provide complete control over the entire software release process.

By mitigating the most difficult challenges in managing software artifacts, JFrog is at the hub of where development and IT operations meet.

JFrog’s state-of-the-art products position the company as a pioneering industry leader in managing the software development cycle.

JFrog has over 1,400 customers worldwide, and keeps on growing!

Our Mission & Values:

JFrog’s mission is to provide the best technologies and tools for daily use that will maximize the effectiveness of the software development cycle. JFrog’s core values are based on non-compromising professional standards, superior quality code, first-class service, strong customer relationships, mutual trust and integrity.