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Bintray Integration

Bintray Integration


Bintray Integration

As the world’s first Distribution as a Service, and developed under the same roof, it makes perfect sense for Bintray to be fully integrated with Artifactory. Once you have managed your development and deployment, Bintray provides that last step taking your binaries to distribution automatically via REST API, or through the Artifactory UI. Together, Artifactory and Bintray offer the only end-to-end solution for a fully automated software delivery pipeline. Bintray’s integration into Artifactory offers several benefits:

Remote Search
Search the most comprehensive collection of Maven artifacts available today – JCenter. Artifactory references JCenter as a remote repository allowing you to search for any package based on its name, with support for wildcards.

Detailed Package Information
Get full visibility of packages hosted in Bintray with detailed information received directly from Bintray.

Push Artifacts to Bintray
Push artifacts directly to Bintray, either individually as each artifact is built, or as a complete build in a single atomic process

Release to Bintray from OJO
OJO is a free instance of Artifactory on the cloud that JFrog maintains for selected OSS projects. Through Bintray’s direct integration to Artifactory, projects hosted on OJO can have their builds automatically promoted and pushed out to Bintray for distribution.


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