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Over the last several years, Artifactory has grown from being a Maven repository to being the only truly Universal Artifact Repository available on the market supporting all major development technologies including Docker, Npm, Nuget, PHP and much more. All major technologies, except C/C++ which is still one of the most common languages in which software is developed today. The main reason was that a good package manager for C/C++ development was not available… until came along.

Conan provides true dependency management for C/C++ for both 3rd party libraries and a developer’s proprietary packages. To meet the needs of C/C++, Conan supports conditional dependencies based on OS, compiler and a variety of other parameters that determine how a package will be constructed.

By supporting Conan, Artifactory introduces advanced artifact management to the world of C/C++. As a repository to which builds can be uploaded, and from which dependencies can be downloaded, Artifactory offers enterprise grade repository management supporting high-availability, repository replication for multi-site development, fine-grained access control, secure, private local repositories and much more.

Without a doubt, this is a new beginning for two of the world’s most popular development languages. C/C++ development will never be the same again.


You can read about building packages with Conan and working with the Conan client in the Conan documentation.

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