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Conan Repositories

Available support for Conan repositories in JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Bintray offers C/C++ developers an end-to-end solution for managing and distributing Conan C/C++ packages – which is one of the most common languages used for software development today.

Conan provides true dependency management for C/C++ for both 3rd party libraries and a developer’s proprietary packages. To meet the needs of C/C++, Conan supports conditional dependencies based on OS, compiler and a variety of other parameters that determine how a package will be constructed.

Artifactory support for Conan introduces advanced artifact management to the world of C/C++. As a repository to which builds can be uploaded, and from which dependencies can be downloaded, Artifactory offers enterprise grade repository management supporting high-availability, repository replication for multi-site development, fine-grained access control, secure, private local repositories and much more.

Bintray support for Conan lets you easily manage the distribution of your C/C++ Conan packages. The ultra-fast CDN provides enterprise grade performance and reliability, with data backed up and replicated over multiple cloud providers.

Bintray easily integrates with your existing C/C++ DevOps ecosystems, such as continuous integration pipelines and internal repositories. A rich REST API allows you to control every aspect of your software distribution, manage who has access to content, collect logs and analytics, and much more, all with the full automation that’s expected from a modern software distribution platform. Furthermore, you can apply fine-grained access control to Premium Conan repositories, with all the layers of security that Bintray has to offer.

With this end-to-end solution for binary artifact management and distribution, C/C++ development will never be the same again.

You can read about building packages with Conan and working with the Conan client in the Conan documentation.

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