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If you are developing in Java, industry reports indicate that most of your code will be comprised of 3rd party components and storing our own artifacts in an internal Maven repository. Most likely, you will also be using industry-standard tools to build your software and integrate with a CI server to manage your builds and releases. These resources and tools make your life easier, and yet, there are still challenges to address. A 3rd party Maven repository is not always accessible, whether it’s due to a problem with the repository itself or just a network issue. Even if everything is working as expected, having many developers and build servers downloading the same components is inefficient, time consuming and wasteful of storage resources. If you’re using a component, how do you know it’s the latest version, and that your team members are using the same version as you? How do you know if you comply with all the licensing requirements of the many components you are using. These are just some of the challenges facing companies developing with Java today.


With Artifactory as your Maven repository, you can speed up development in Java by optimizing download, storage, access to, search for and production of binaries with several features:

Local Repositories give you a place to store and manage your internal binaries for easy distribution across your organization.

Remote Repositories provide reliable and consistent access to artifacts from a remote Maven repository by caching them locally.

Comprehensive security measures give you fine-grained control over who put what where, and then who can access it.

License checks and integration with Black Duck Code Center ensure license compliance and open source governance.

High Availability network architecture means that there is no single-point-of-failure, and can ensure up to “five nines” availability.
These features and many more address the many challenges you still face, and can boost productivity making your Java development up to 10 times faster.

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