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NuGet Repositories

NuGet Repositories

Developing on .NET? Then most likely, you are no stranger to NuGet Gallery. The vast majority of enterprise level companies make extensive usage of binary components such as free open-source libraries and commercial libraries as well as proprietary libraries built in-house. And NuGet developers are no exception. Since its introduction in 2010, NuGet Gallery usage has grown showing over 11 Million packages downloaded in January 2014 skyrocketing to over 25 Million packages in April. While it’s great to save time and resources by using 3rd party components, it also presents several challenges:

NuGet Gallery may not always be accessible – it may go down or there may be networking problems. This hampers development and delays builds. Then there’s the question of security. You may want to restrict what developers can download from NuGet Gallery, and then control who can access downloaded components. You also need to organize your own NuGet packages, and share and distribute them with other development teams, some of which may be at remote geographical sites of your enterprise. And with the multitude of components you are using, finding that particular version of a specific component can sometimes be tricky.

Artifactory is a Binary Repository Manager that speeds up development with .NET by optimizing download, storage, access to, search for and production of NuGet packages:

Local Repositories give you a place to manage your proprietary NuGet packages and an easy way to share them with  your team members and other teams

Remote Repositories ensure reliable access to NuGet Gallery by caching downloaded packages locally

Comprehensive security measures give you fine-grained control over which packages can be downloaded, where they can be put, and who can access them.

Smart search capabilities make it easy to find a package based on both inherent and custom properties.

These features and many more can reduce your development and build time by addressing the many challenges you face when developing with NuGet.


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