Artifactory SLA


These SLA-Based Support Terms (the “SLA Terms”) offers a proactive approach to maintaining the quality and integrity of your Artifactory and CI servers and includes the following:

Artifactory SLA-Based Electronic and Phone Support – for diagnosing and prioritizing issues arising in production and helping you identify the root cause, so that you can rapidly resume normal operation.

Review – for optimization, configuration, or upgrade of your deployment at a pre-approved hourly rate

Free Continuous Notification – of Artifactory’s important fixes and improvements to help ensure that your system is always protected.

Ticket Management

JFrog offers Licensee electronic and phone support for issues concerning Artifactory that arise in production or other environments. JFrog will allocate a dedicated account in JFrog’s support center for Licensee support calls. Licensee and JFrog will use this account in order to open support calls and define severity. It is up to Licensee to supply any relevant information and attachments in advance in order to make sure calls are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Remote Support

For better communication during support call handling and simpler handling of maintenance and review tasks, JFrog’s support center can use a secure connection to your Artifactory servers. This connection should be based on the SSH or VPN of your choice.

Response Time

The SLA support services refer to the response time of JFrog’s support team. JFrog’s undertakings hereunder are not intended to indicate a resolution to a problem that might have occurred.

Business Hours

Regular Working Hours: Monday to Friday between 9:00AM to 6:00PM (customer’s site time zone).

Irregular working hours: Seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Severity Calls

High Severity Call – A call related to an issue incurring production downtime or causing a severe disruption to normal production-related operations. 4-hour response time (from call open time).

Low Severity Call – A call related to an issue affecting production but not causing severe interference to production-related operations, or an issue that can be solved by using a workaround. 24-hour response time (from call open time).

Points of Contact

JFrog recommends that Licensee will assign at least 2 of its employees as contact points to interface with JFrog’s support center.