On premises or in the cloud

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Artifactory Pro exposes  a set of professional add-ons on top of those already available to you from Artifactory Open Source. These add-ons open up a whole world of features that empower you to manage your binaries and integrate with industry standard tools in your development and deployment ecosystem.

  • Virtually any packaging system is supported.
    Access Java, NuGet, Npm, YUM, Debian and RubyGems repositories... and more.
  • Integrate with any build tool.
    Maven, Gradle, Ivy and more.
  • Deploy through industry standard CI servers
    Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo and more. Even cloud-based CI servers are supported.
  • Access a host of advanced features
    Repository replication, REST API, license control and open source governance, security and access control, flexible search, monitoring and maintenance, customization and more.

Your Artifactory Pro subscription ensures that you receive full maintenance and bug fixes, as well as any new add-ons developed during your subscription period at no extra charge.

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Artifactory Cloud is JFrog's SaaS-based solution for managing your artifacts and binary repositories in the cloud with the full power of Artifactory Pro behind you.

No need to customize a dedicated machine, set-up HTTP access rules, install software, configure commonly accessed public remote repositories, maintain and monitor the service, manage backups, and so on. Just set up your own repository in the cloud.

  • Instant setup and configuration.
    You are ready to go within minutes.
  • Stay up-to-date.
    Not only do you get first access to the latest version of Artifactory, you also get full access to all the commercial features of Artifactory Pro for the lifetime of your subscription including build integration, repository replication, support for most packaging formats, advanced search, maintenance and monitoring and much more.
  • Interactive dashboard.
    Manage your repositories and account. Get instant information about your usage and fully control the setup of your repositories and subscription package.
  • Minimize your hardware footprint.  
    No dedicated hardware to buy, install or configure. No maintenance or monitoring nightmares. This means minimal costs to setup and maintain your repository server. Everything is installed automatically, and the default Maven settings are available for you to use. Your online repository is configured, optimized and ready for you to use within minutes of signing up, and you can focus on managing your own artifacts.
  • Secure and reliable.
    Your Artifactory server in the cloud is installed on fully redundant hardware and is constantly monitored by our staff. 
  • Periodic backups.
    Your repository content and configurations are periodically backed up.
  • Private and protected.
    Your repository data are private and protected for your use only, and can be securely accessed via SSL. 
  • Complete access control.
    Manage internal groups and users to control access to your repositories.

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Through a redundant network architecture Artifactory Enterprise is the most robust and performant Binary Repository Manager available.

  • Maximize uptime. 
    No single-point-of failure means your system can continue to operate as long as at least one of the Artifactory nodes is operational. Achieve up to five-nines availability so that your builds and production deployments never fail.
  • Accommodate larger load bursts. 
    With horizontal server scalability, you can increase your capacity with no compromise to performance and meet any increasing load requirements as your organization grows.
  • Multiple server architecture. 
    By implementing redundancy, Artifactory Enterprise allows you to continue running while performing the vast majority of maintenance tasks. Keep your users happy and unaffected by maintenance downtime.
  • S3 object storage
    Move your filestore to the cloud and let it grow as much as needed on any S3 compliant object storage provider.
  • Multi-push Replication
    Replicate any repository to multiple target sites simultaneously.


Artifactory Enterprise is the first binary repository to fully support clustering with out-of-the-box active/active server setup. The network topology is comprised of a Load Balancer connected to two or more Artifactory servers that share a common database and Network File Server. All Artifactory servers are connected through the internal LAN in order to stay synchronized and notify each other of actions performed in the system instantaneously.

 Artifactory HA Diagram


Load balancer ensures optimal distribution of requests to the different servers enabling consistent response times even with heavy load on the system.

Multiple Artifactory servers ensure your system has no single point of failure. In case of service interruption with any of the Artifactory servers, failover mechanisms will route requests to the remaining servers in the system. This also means that you can perform most system maintenance tasks with zero downtime.


Watch the 1-Minute Demo.

Watch the full webinar: Introduction to HA with Artifactory

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Feature / Service

Proxy and cache remote repository artifacts.

Deploy artifacts via the UI or via REST/HTTP.

Atomic deployment for bulks of artifacts.

Intuitive and slick web UI.

Include/exclude rules for stored artifacts.

Search by name, class and module info.


UI-based move/copy/delete.

Save space and prevent duplications with checksum-based storage.

S3 object storage

(* Availability in Artifactory Cloud requires a dedicated server)

Google Cloud Storage

(* Availability in Artifactory Cloud requires a dedicated server)

Azure Blob Storage

(* Availability in Artifactory Cloud requires a dedicated server)

Backup service.

Integration with leading CI servers.

Integration with JFrog Bintray.

Integration with JFrog Mission Control
(View only for OSS and Pro).

Manage build artifacts for reproducible builds.

Log Analytics

Promotion, demotion and cleanup of build artifacts.

Automatic detection of 3rd party license violations per build.

3rd party license and security governance with Black Duck Code Center.

Artifactory Query Language (AQL).

Rsync-like repository replication.

Multi-push Replication

(* Availability in Artifactory Cloud requires a dedicated server)

Powerful REST API for release automation.

Annotate artifacts with searchable properties.

Proxy and host Docker repositories.

Proxy and host Puppet repositories.

Proxy and host Chef Cookbook repositories.

Proxy and host CocoaPods repositories.

Proxy and host Opkg repositories.

Proxy the Bower Registry.

Proxy VCS Repositories.

Proxy and host PyPI repositories.

Proxy and host P2 repositories.

Proxy and host RPMs with YUM repositories.

Proxy and host NuGet repositories.

Proxy and host NPM repositories.

Proxy and host Apt-get repositories for Debian packages.

Extend Artifactory with Groovy-based user plugins.

Custom repository layout for non-Maven module management.

Dynamically provision configurations.

Aggregate and run bulk operations on search results.

Receive focused email notifications when artifacts change.

Sign jars on demand and host Web Start applications.

LDAP authentication.

Support for multiple LDAP servers.

Synchronization of LDAP groups.

Proxy and host RubyGems repositories

Optional multi-realm authentication fallback.

Role-based authorization.

Atlassian Crowd integration.

SAML-based login.

Powerful SSO integration for NTLM, Kerberos etc.

Smart Remote Repositories

JFrog email support
(*Available with select packages, see pricing page for details)

All new commercial add-ons and upgrades provided with no additional charge during your subscription period.

Maintenance-free hosted Repository as a Service.

Always use the latest version of Artifactory available.