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Access provides a self-descriptive API that can be used by various tools/frameworks to automate the creation of REST calls. 


Access REST API endpoints can be invoked in any of the standard ways to invoke a RESTful API. This section describes how to use the Access REST API using cURL as an example.

Using and Configuring cURL

You can download cURL here. Learn how to use and configure cURL here.


REST API calls to JFrog Access need to be authenticated using an Access admin user. For details about the default Access admin user, and modifying its credentials, please refer to The Access Administrator.

Example: Performing a system export

To execute a call using basic authentication, you would run:

curl -uaccess-admin:password -XPOST "http://localhost:8040/access/api/v1/system/backup/export" 
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REST Resources


Export Access Configuration

Description: Creates a JSON file with the Access configuration as $ACCESS_HOME/backup/access.backup.<timestamp>.json.
Security: Requires a valid access admin user and valid IP
Usage: POST /api/v1/system/backup/export
Sample Usage:

curl -uaccess-admin:password -XPOST "http://localhost:8040/access/api/v1/system/backup/export" 

Import Access Configuration

Description: Reads and imports an Access configuration JSON file: $ACCESS_HOME/etc/access.bootstrap.json
Security: Requires a valid access admin user and valid IP
Usage: POST /api/v1/system/backup/import
Sample Usage:

curl -uaccess-admin:password -XPOST "http://localhost:8040/access/api/v1/system/backup/import" 

Ping Request

Description: Sends a ping request
Security: Requires an admin user. 
Usage: GET /system/ping
Produces: application/json
Sample usage:

curl http://localhost:8040/access/api/v1/system/ping -Lvv -i -k -u <adminUserFromAccessCreds>:<andPassword>
curl http://localhost:8040/access/api/v1/system/ping -Lvv -i -k -u <adminToken>:<andPassword>

Response Codes:

200: Ping successful

Get Root Certificate

Description: Receive public root certificate
Security: Requires an admin user
Usage: GET /api/v1/cert/root
Produces: application/json
Sample usage:

curl http://localhost:8040/access/api/v1/cert/root -Lvv -i -k -u <adminToken>:<andPassword>

Response Codes:

200: Successful

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