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The page provides troubleshooting tips for different topics related to JFrog Access.

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Access Service


During startup, Artifactory fails to start and an error is thrown:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Provided private key and latest private key fingerprints mismatch.

Artifactory tries to validate and compare access keys' fingerprint that reside on Artifactory's database and the local file system. If the keys do not match, the exception above will be thrown along with the mismatching fingerprint IDs.

This could occur during an attempted upgrade/installation of Artifactory.

Follow the steps below to make sure that all instances in your circle of trust have the same private key and root certificate: 

Key rotation will invalidate any issued access tokens

The procedure below will create new key pairs which in turn will invalidate any existing Access Tokens.

    1. Create an empty marker file called bootstrap.reset_root_keys under $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/access/etc/
    2. Restart Artifactory.
    3. Verify that the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/logs/artifactory.log or $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/access/logs/access.log file shows the following entry:
    *** Skipping verification of of the root private fingerprint ***
    *** Private key fingerprint will be overwritten ****************





Access Tokens 

SymptomsAuthentication with an access token doesn't work with an error that says "Token validation failed".
CauseThe implementation of access tokens was changed in Artifactory 5.4. The change is backwards compatible, so tokens created with earlier versions of Artifactory can be authenticated in the new version, however the reverse is not true. Tokens created in versions 5.4 or later cannot be authenticated by versions earlier than 5.4.
ResolutionEither upgrade your older Artifactory instances, or make sure you only create access tokens with the older instances
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