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When starting a free trial, Bintray automatically creates your organization (if you opened an OSS account you may create the organization yourself). One of the first things you need to do, besides uploading your content, is to add users to your organization.

This guide shows you some of the different ways to add new users to your organization, as well as how to set up teams and permissions. When you log in for the first time, you will land on your organization’s page. To begin adding new users to your Bintray organization click the Edit button under the organization name.

There are different ways to add users in the onboarding process. Some of the main options are:

  • Adding New Users via the Bintray User Interface (UI)

  • Creating Teams and Assigning Permissions

  • Creating Access Keys and Entitlements

  • Setting up SAML Authentication

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Adding New Users via the Bintray UI 

You can Invite and onboard new users to your organization as follows:

Using the Bintray UI on the Members page of your Organization Profile:

Once a user has been invited they are automatically added as members of your organization with default member permissions, they can join a team and get team-specific permission to access your content.

Creating Teams and Assigning Permissions 

Once you have users registered to your Bintray organization, you can create Teams, define permissions for each team, and then allocate your users to the corresponding teams according to the permissions you want to grant them. You can do all of this using the Bintray UI, or through the REST API.

Creating Access Keys and Entitlements

Entitlements are a set of permissions you provide over your content at different levels. For example, you can provide an entitlement for a whole repository, for a specific package, version or a specific path within a repository. Entitlements are attached to access keys which provide a user with a username and password with which they can sign on to Bintray, and provide them with access to the content as defined in the related entitlements. Since these users are limited to that content, they are referred to as scoped users.

Access keys and entitlements offer a quick and easy way to add users to your organization without them having to go through a registration process. This is a useful tool for managing external users or for quickly onboarding users from within your organization.

For more details on adding scoped users, please refer to Entitlements and Access Keys

Using SAML Authentication 

If your organization is on an Enterprise plan, a quick and easy way to get users onboard is to use SAML authentication. By configuring SAML Authentication on your Bintray organization’s profile page you can ensure that all users trying to access your Bintray organization need to authenticate using Single-Sign-On (SSO) through your corporate SAML server. New users who are not registered are automatically created as members of your organization in Bintray and get the relevant permissions.
For more details, please refer to SAML Authentication.

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