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On December 23rd , 2018, we released a soft Bintray launch release allowing you to gradually get acquainted with the new look, new concepts, and overall changes. You get to experience the new Bintray view while still having the option to return to the previous Classic mode. This version includes a new look and feel of your Repositories and Packages areas.

We aim to provide the new experience first by suggesting you as a user to switch to the New Look. In the next couple of weeks, we will keep the default as the classic look suggest you as a user to switch over and experiment in the new UI.

 Once the UI matures and we get feedback from JFrog internal users and early adopters, we will set the default to the ‘New Look’ and remove the ‘Old Classic Look’.

To access the new look, click the Go To New Look button located on the taskbar.

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This section contains existing pages in the Bintray documentation that have been updated with the new pages in UI.

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