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Bintray is a fully-fledged Conan repository that works seamlessly with the Conan client. You can resolve C/C++ Conan packages from the Conan client and deploy them directly to Bintray.


To get code snippets formulated for your specific username and repository, use the Set Me Up button.

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Configuring the Conan Client

To configure the Conan client to work with Bintray, you need to add the Bintray repository to your list of remotes, using the following command:


 conan remote add <REMOTE> https://api.bintray.com/conan/<USERNAME>/<REPOSITORY_NAME>

Note: Replace <REMOTE> with a descriptive name for your repository.

Login with your Bintray username and API key using the following command:


 conan user -p <APIKEY> -r <REMOTE> <USERNAME>


Downloading Files 

To download files using Bintray’s REST API, please refer to Downloading Using APIs

Resolving Conan Recipes

Once you have configured the Conan client, you can install the dependencies defined in your project’s conanfile.txt file from a Bintray Conan repo by specifying the remote as follows:

 conan install . -r <REMOTE>

Uploading Files

Uploading Conan Recipes

To upload all your local recipes with their binary packages into a Bintray repository, use the following command:


 conan upload "*" -r <REMOTE> --all


The version and package names will be created using the recipe name, and the files will be published automatically.
For example: a recipe with the name "OpenSSL/1.0.2h@lasote/stable", will have "OpenSSL:lasote" as the package name and "1.0.2h:stable" as the version.


Conan-Center is a one-stop-shop for Conan C/C++ packages in Bintray. It is a central repository that is managed by Bintray and is publicly available to all Bintray users.

As a Bintray user, you are able to include your public Conan packages in Conan-Center. This will expose your packages to many users and make them easier to find. Nevertheless, you retain ownership over your packages and are the only one who may update or modify them, and any changes you make are automatically updated in Conan-Center.

Note: Since Conan-Center is a central public repository, and all packages it exposes must remain publicly available, you cannot include any private packages (i.e., those hosted in a private repository). Also, including your packages in Conan-Center is only available from an open-source or premium account. You cannot include Conan packages during the course of a Bintray trial. 
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