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Bintray is open and accessible to anyone, and freely exposes a limited set of features. For example, you can download public files and view information about them without having an account. However, to be able to upload material, post feedback, communicate with members and access more advanced features, you need to create an account and then sign in.

IPv6 Not Supported

 Accessing Bintray using IPv6 is not currently supported.

Creating an Account

There are two ways to create an account with Bintray: signing up for a free trial or signing up for an open source plan.

Free Trial

Bintray’s free trial exposes all the features of an Enterprise plan giving you an opportunity to experience everything that Bintray has to offer. To start the Enterprise free trial, simply fill in the registration form or sign up using OAuth with your GitHub or Google account.

You can also associate your Bintray account with your GitHub, Twitter and Google+ accounts at any time later and login through those accounts. Upon successful registration, Bintray will send you a confirmation email with a link for you to activate your account.
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The Bintray Homepage

The Bintray homepage is always available at, and is designed to be a convenient workspace with easy-to-find links to the most important and frequently used features relevant to your account. When you sign in, your organization profile page will be displayed (if you own more than one organization, the last one you visited when signing out will be displyaed).

If you are on the open source plan and have not yet created an organization then your user profile page will be displayed.

Either way, you can access your personal profile page, or the profile page of any other organization you own from the profile menu in Bintray’s top ribbon.


The rest of this section presents a set of tutorials that will show you how to get started using the different features of Bintray. The tutorials present the most common workflow, but in most cases, there are also other ways perform the same tasks.

  • The onboarding tutorial shows you how to invite and onboard teams and users to your organization.

  • The uploading tutorial shows you how to can upload content to your Bintray site.

  • The downloading tutorial describes how users can download content from your Bintray site.


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