Good news! Enterprise-scale distribution is now handled through the robust JFrog Platform.
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How This Manual is Organized

This user manual is organized into the following main sections:

  • Introduction (this section): Provides a high-level overview of Bintray focusing on key concepts and main features that are available.

  • Getting Started: Helps you take your first steps using Bintray and provides tutorials to get you going.

  • Working With Supported Package Formats: Explains about the advanced support for specific package formats and how to work seamlessly with the corresponding client for each format.

  • Bintray Premium: Explains how to upgrade your account and enjoy unlimited repository storage, unlimited downloads, access control and all the other benefits of Bintray Premium.

  • Downloads: Provides all the information needed to search for the software you need and then download it from Bintray.

  • Uploads: Provides all the information about how to upload, manage and promote your material using Bintray.

  • Importing From GitHub: Provides information about how to make the best use of material you have on GitHub that is related to the packages you want to distribute with Bintray.

  • Interacting: Explains and details the options of how you can interact with other users.

Support for IPv6

Accessing Bintray using IPv6 is not currently supported.


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