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Browsing through Bintray repos, packages and versions allows the user to find and download individual files. There are some cases, especially when only a few files are needed, in which manually browsing through the Bintray UI and manually downloading the files are more convenient options than automatic downloads

To download an individual file manually:

  1. Access the package and the Version page where the file is stored.

  2. Select the Files tab. 

  3. Click any listed file to start download. Note that files may be stored within a directory structure, and in that case, you will have to click through the directories to reach the files.

Note that anyone can manually download an individual file, even if they are not logged in.

Page Contents

Download List

The Download List is a feature of Bintray packages and versions that allows a user to select the specific files recommended by the uploader, without having to manually sift through the package or version just to find the right file and without the need to always download the entire package or version.

The download list is edited by the owner of the package or version, who uploaded the file.

In the download list of a version, only files from that particular version may be included; in the download list of a package, only files from the latest version may be included (unless the latest version has no files marked for inclusion in the download list, in which case the files features are all the files marked for inclusion in the download list from the latest version that has any files marked for inclusion).

To download the files in the download list, simply click on the corresponding file’s name.

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