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JFrog Bintray Universal Distribution Platform is frequently updated with new features and functionality. This page provides details on release dates and the corresponding main updates to the platform.

June 11, 2017

Bintray launches Conan-Center, the new central public repository for Conan packages and the ultimate resource for OSS packages for C/C++ development.
Conan-center is a curated repository, that will accept inclusion-requests from user repositories, to create a free, trusted, maintained and high-quality central repository of OSS C/C++ packages.

May 24, 2017 

Conan Repositories 
Bintray now supports Conan repositories letting you easily manage the distribution of your Conan packages. 
As a native implementation, Bintray’s support lets you continue uploading and downloading C/C++ Conan packages in the same way you are used to with conan install and conan upload. Once your Conan packages are uploaded you can apply fine-grained access control to Premium Conan repositories, with all the layers of security that Bintray has to offer.

February 9, 2017

Usage Thresholds 
The Premium Dashboard provides usage information on an organization’s repositories and business units. Bintray now enhances this feature and lets you control and monitor usage by setting thresholds at the level of an Organization, Business Unit or specific repository. You can set thresholds for maximum monthly storage, monthly download volume or daily download volume, and get notified via Firehose Events (if enabled), or by email if any of the thresholds are exceeded.
Learn more under Usage Thresholds.

December 26, 2016

Team Level Repositories and Default Business Unit
Creating repositories for your organization is normally restricted to the owner or admins of the organization. From this release, when creating teams for your organization, Bintray lets you allow team members to create repositories. You can also specify the default business unit to which those repositories will automatically be assigned in order monitor the team’s usage.
Learn more under Creating Teams.

December 11 2016  

Firehose API
Bintray’s Firehose Events API lets Enterprise users get notified about a variety of events related to their organization’s account. Event notifications are issued by Bintray through a live stream, and provide details in JSON format allowing you to implement appropriate reactions. For example, upon receiving notification of a download, you could automatically invoke a mechanism to follow up with and engage the downloading user.

Business Units and Extended Premium Dashboard
Bintray introduces the concept of Business Units into which you can group your organization’s repositories so you can monitor their usage according to your business needs. To support Business Units, the Premium Dashboard has been extended, so in addition to Total Usage that was previously available, you can now monitor Usage by Repository and Usage by Business Unit.


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