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Bintray can interface with the third-party platform Maven Central. This allows you to synchronize artifacts that you keep on both the Maven Central and on Bintray, and brings your artifacts in Maven central up to speed with those in Bintray.

Syncing Artifacts with Maven Central 

As part of Bintray’s interface with Maven Central, Bintray allows you to sync artifacts that you keep on both Maven Central and Bintray. The sync process sends info from Bintray to your Maven Central account, to bring your artifacts in Maven central up to speed with the ones in Bintray. Each artifact in Maven Central is synced with a version in Bintray.

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Only versions that belong to repositories whose type is Maven and that belong to packages that are included in JCenter can be synced with Maven Central.


In order for this functionality to be enabled, your Maven Central username (Sonatype OSS) must be entered when you edit your user profile in Bintray (in the field Sonatype OSS User in the Accounts tab of the Edit Your Profile page). Sonatype OSS User in the Accounts tab of the Edit Your Profile page).
You can use your Sonatype OSS Password in one of the following two ways:
1. Storing it on Bintray in the Profile page Accounts tab of the Edit Your Profile page.
2. Entering it when performing the sync itself, which means that it will not be stored in Bintray. If you don’t want to use your predefined Sonatype OSS credentials, you can override them by enabling the “Override Organization Sonatype OSS credentials” checkbox.
Additionally, your package must comply with the requirement of Maven Central(click here for more information).

Note: Unlike some of the other interfaces that Bintray has with third-party products, it is not required to authorize Bintray to access your Sonatype OSS account. 

To sync a Bintray version with a Maven Central artifact: 

  1. Access the Version page of the version to be synced with the corresponding artifact in Maven Central.

  2. Select the Maven Central tab (this tab appears only in versions that belong to repos whose type is Maven).

    Note: Make sure your Sonatype OSS username has been entered in the Accounts tab of your User profile page. 

  3. In the Maven Central tab, you only need to enter your Maven Central User token key and User token password; the identification of the relevant artifact is done automatically.

  4. Optionally, before clicking Sync, you can view info about previous syncs of the same artifact, in the read only-fields on the right side of the tab: Last Synced (date), Last Sync Status and Last Sync Errors.

  5. We also recommend (but it is optional) that you set the Close and release repository when done checkbox, before you sync. This ensures that after the sync process is completed, the artifact in Maven Central is closed
    and can no longer be modified.

  6. Click Sync.

  7. After syncing, the info in the read-only fields Last SyncLast Sync Status and Last Sync Errors is updated to include info about the sync you have just performed; this is info that enables you to check and verify the sync process.
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