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You can upgrade an account to a premium plan at any time whether it is your own user account, or the account of an organization that you are administrating. The upgrade can be invoked from several locations within Bintray from where you can go to the select your plan page to select a plan and start your free trial, or provide billing details if you are ready to purchase. In addition, if you try to perform an action that requires a premium account, Bintray will notify you automatically and prompt you to upgrade your account.

Once you have upgraded your account, you can then decide which repositories you want to upgrade and manage as premium repositories. With a premium account, you can manage any number of premium repositories, and you can also continue to manage your OSS repositories under the same account. You can upgrade a repository from being OSS to being premium at any time.

How to Upgrade

Here are some locations from which you can upgrade your account.


The Header Ribbon

The header ribbon appears on most Bintray screens. To upgrade your account, click on the Pricing button.



The Pricing page lets you start a free trial, purchase the Pro plan or get a quote for the Enterprise plan.

Your User Profile 

When editing your user profile page, simply click the Start Your Free Trial button.

Repository Details 

When viewing the Repository Details page, simply click the Upgrade to Premium button. Note that if the repository owner is an OSS organization, then Bintray will prompt you to enter the organization’s billing details to upgrade the organization to a premium account

There are many more places within Bintray from which you can upgrade your account at any time. And if you try to perform any actions that require a premium plan, Bintray will notify you and present a link you can use to purchase an upgrade.

Selecting a Plan

When upgrading your account, the premium plan will be associated with your organization and you will have to provide its billing information. The plan that you choose determines the level of service you get from your account. Before you select a plan, make sure you select the right organization to upgrade.

If you want to explore the full capabilities of Bintray, you can try the Enterprise Edition free trial by clicking the TRY FREE FOR 30 DAYS button. After filling in a simple form, you can start your trial with all the enterprise features provided. You can purchase the plan or cancel the trial at any time during the trial period.

If you are ready to purchase the Enterprise Edition plan, click Get a Quote. Bintray will display a form in which you can fill in and send your contact information after which we will get in touch to provide you with a custom package perfectly suited to your needs.
Click the Send button to complete the process. 


To purchase the Pro Edition plan click Buy Now. You will be directed to enter your personal and billing details and make payment (there is no free trial for the Pro plan). 

For more details on the free trial, purchasing a plan, and switching between plans, please refer to Free Trial and Purchase.

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