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Distribution uses the Logback Framework to manage logging. Activity is logged according to type saved under three different log files which can be found under the DISTRIBUTION_HOME/logs folder.

The following log files are: 

The main Distribution log file containing data on Distribution server activity.
The Security log containing important information about accepted and denied requests.
Contains generic http traffic information similar to the Apache HTTPd request log.

Page Contents

Log File Structure

The Request and Access log files each display specific type of activities and are have a consistent and specific file structure to provide maximum readability.

Request Log

The request log file record has the following structure:

Date and Time stamp  |  IP  |  User name |  Request method  |  Requested resource path  | Response code | Request Content-Length | Response Content-Length

Here is a typical example:

Request log file record sample
Date and time stamp
The date and time the request was completed and entered into the log file. The Format is [YYYY-MM-DD'T'HH:MM:ss.SSSZ].
The requesting user's IP address.
User name
The requesting user's username.
Request method
The HTTP request method. e.g. GET, PUT etc.
Requested resource path
The relative path to the requested resource.
Response code
The HTTP response code.
Request Content-Lengt

The request body size in bytes.

Response Content-Lengt

The response body size in bytes.

Access Log

An access log file record has the following structure:

Date and Time stamp  |  Action response and type  |  Repository path (Optional)  |  Message (Optional)  |  User name 

Here is a typical example:

Access log file record
2018-06-20T13:40:55.096+0300 [ACCEPTED CREATE_BUNDLE] /api/v1/release_bundle for user-108688785402258/
Date and Time stamp 
The date and time that the entry was logged. The format is [YYYY-MM-DD'T'HH:MM:ss.SSSZ].
[Action response and type]
The response (ACCEPTED/DENIED) and the action type (e.g. CREATE, DELETE etc.).
Repository path (Optional)
Theapithat was accessed.
Message (Optional)
An optional system message.
User name
The accessing user's username or "anonymous" is used when accessed anonymously.
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