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This page describes how to set up a Distribution HA cluster with two or more nodes.



  • Processor: minimum 8 cores
  • RAM Memory: 8 GB
  • Storage: 50 GB


  • PostgreSQL: Used as an external database to store cluster configurations, release bundle and distributions data.
  • Load Balancer: The load balancer should be configured once all of the cluster nodes are up and running.

General Guidelines

  • All cluster nodes must use the same database.
  • All cluster nodes must have the same Distribution version.
  • It is recommended to use a PostgreSQL cluster.
Page Contents

Installing Distribution HA

Required steps:

  1. Install and configure the PostgreSQL database
  2. Install the first Distribution cluster node.
  3. Install any additional Distribution nodes
    • Use the master key from the first node and the PostgreSQL connection string to configure the installed node
  4. Configure a load balancer between the Distribution cluster nodes.

Installing the First Node

Distribution HA may be installed as a Docker image or as a native Linux installation for each of the supported flavors, according to the general Distribution installation instructions.

During the first node installation, make sure to type "n" to the "Are you adding this node to an existing cluster?" question.

Once you install and run the first Distribution node, a master.key file, will be generated and saved in the file system. The master key is an internal secret, used by Distribution to encrypt sensitive data and must be synced between the Distribution cluster nodes. After the application is started, the master key can be found in the following path:  <DISTRIBUTION_HOME>/.platform/master.key.

Distribution HA Architecture

Installing Additional Nodes

The additional cluster nodes should also be installed according to the general Distribution installation instructions.

Make sure to respond "Y" to the "Are you adding this node to an existing cluster?" question at the beginning of the installation.

The installer will prompt you for the following additional information:

  • master key, found in the path <DISTRIBUTION_HOME>/.platform/master.key of the initial node.
  • PostgreSQL connection string, in order to connect to the same database as the initial node.

Extending Distribution From Standalone to HA

If you already have a working standalone Distribution environment, you can easily move to an HA environment.

The existing installation is considered the first cluster node followed by additional nodes that are then added to the HA environment.

Prior to installing the additional Distribution nodes, perform the following:

  • Establish a working PostgreSQL connection string.
  • Get the master key generated by the first node.

Migrating Data to PostgreSQL

  1. Install the external PostgreSQL database.
  2. Stop the app.
  3. Migrate all your data to the PostsgreSQL cluster.
  4. Add the PostsgreSQL connection string to the `/var/opt/jfrog/distribution/etc/distribution.local.config.yml` file.
  5. Start the application and ensuer it’s up and running

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