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A Fantom programming language plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 9.x - 8.x.

The fan4idea plugin is now avaliable at the JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Repository under the "Custom languages" category.

The plugin is also available in the downloads section. See instructions for manual installation.

For more info see the complete list of plugin features.


Release 0.0.6 (12/09/09 | Release notes | Download )

  1. IntelliJ IDEA 9.0 support - Ultimate and Community editions
  2. Support creating a new project/module from an existing Fan pod(s)
  3. Support Analyze Stack Trace

Release 0.0.5 (18/09/09 | Release notes | Download )

(warning) Notice: This version supports Fan 1.0.46, older version may not work properly

  1. Debug support
  2. Pod run configuration
  3. Pod Test run configuration
  4. Find usages
  5. Type names in console linked to source code
  6. Parameters info
  7. Auto insert of closing brace
  8. Many bug fixes

Release 0.0.4 (31/08/09 | Release notes | Download )

(warning) Notice: This version supports Fan 1.0.45, older version may not work properly

  1. Fan 1.0.45 support
  2. Autocomplete
  3. support
  4. Allow parameters on Fan script execution
  5. Detailed compilation errors
  6. Bug fixes

Release 0.0.3 (24/04/09 | Release notes | Download )

  1. Bug fixes

Release 0.0.2 (05/04/09 | Release notes | Download )

  1. Synchronization between module build script ( and module name, dependencies, source folders: Basically is the IDE configuration file
  2. Full expression parsing. Provide parser error markings
  3. Comment line/block actions (code menu)
  4. Go to Declaration action (Ctrl-B and Ctrl-Click)
  5. Add new Fan class/mixin/enum action (context menu)
  6. Hierarchical view (Ctrl-H)
  7. Search for symbol Shift+Ctrl+Alt+N for all slots names
  8. Searching for a class name works for external pod types
  9. Display pod libraries content in project tree
  10. Structure view - type and slot modifiers decorations
  11. Syntax highlighting - Paired brace matcher
  12. Auto insert of closing quote

Release 0.0.1

  1. Syntax highlighting
  2. Building a Pod and Java stubs
  3. Running a Fan script
  4. Fan module support
  5. Fan SDK support
  6. Structure view
  7. Searching for a class name

Fantom Plugin Features


fan4idea 0.0.6 (latest)

fan4idea 0.0.5

fan4idea 0.0.4

fan4idea 0.0.3

fan4idea 0.0.2

Download the latest version of the plugin and unzip under your plugins directory in your IntelliJ installation.

  • On Mac OS X the plugins directory is ~/Library/Application Support/IntelliJIDEA80
  • On Windows it's in %USERPROFILE%/.IntelliJIdea80/config/plugins for IntelliJ IDEA 8.0.1 or %USERPROFILE%/.IntelliJIdea8x/config/plugins for IntelliJ IDEA 8.1

Developers Resources

  1. Setting up the development environment
  2. IntelliJ IDEA documentation
    1. Developing custom language plugins
    2. Diana plugin migration guide
    3. Intellij IDEA architecture
    4. Implementing Refactorings in IntelliJ IDEA
    5. Implementation of JVM-based languages support in IntelliJ IDEA
  3. Other custom language plugins
    1. Groovy plugin SVN
    2. Ruby plugin SVN
    3. Scala plugin SVN
    4. Google Android IntelliJ IDEA plugin


  1. Fantom Programming Language
  2. Fantom language documentation
  3. Fantom Mercurial repository

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