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JFrog Container Registry Guide

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The Home screen is divided into convenient sections and panels that provide useful information or quick links to commonly used features.

Page contents

Top Ribbon

The top ribbon in JFrog Container Registry displays the logged-in user, and provides access to Quick Search and Help. Admin users may click the user name to display a menu of common actions for easy access.

Basic Information

At the top of the Home Screen, JFrog Container Registry displays basic information such as total number of artifacts, version information and uptime.

Search Panel

The Search Panel provides quick links to the different searches you can perform in JFrog Container Registry. For more details, please refer to Searching for Artifacts.

Set Me Up 

The Set Me Up panel provides quick access to details on how to configure your different clients to work with the corresponding repositories you have created. Just click one of the repositories to view its "Set Me Up" screen.

Download and Deploy Statistics

These panels provide information on your last deployed builds and most downloaded artifacts.

Quick Repository Setup

The Quick Setup button offers a quick and easy way to set up default repositories for any of the supported package formats for which you have not yet set up repositories.

Reference Panel

The Reference Panel provides links to useful references such as the JFrog Container Registry User Guide (this guide) and JFrog Container Registry REST API documentation, as well as additional useful links such as the  Support Portal, blog, webinar signup page and questions tagged with "JFrog Container Registry" on Stack Overflow

Features Panel

The Features Panel at the bottom of the screen displays all the features available to you according to the license you have used to activate JFrog Container Registry. Hover over any feature to get quick links to more information and a link to the relevant section in this user guide.

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