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JFrog Container Registry Guide

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To configure a local repository, in the Admin module, go to Repositories | Local and click it to display the Edit Repository screen.

Common Basic Settings

The following are fully described in the Common Settings page.

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Additional Basic Settings

Docker has additional Basic settings, which specify the API version and the maximum number of tags. 

Advanced Settings

Select Property Sets
Defines the property sets that will be available for artifacts stored in this repository.
Blacked Out
If set, JFrog Container Registry ignores this repository when trying to resolve artifacts. The repository is also not available for download or deployment of artifacts.
Allow Content Browsing

If set, allows you to view file contents (e.g., Javadoc browsing, HTML files) directly from JFrog Container Registry.


When content browsing is allowed we recommend strict content moderation to ensure that any uploaded content does not compromise security (for example, cross-site scripting attacks) 

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