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JFrog Container Registry Guide

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The Sumo Logic App for JFrog Container Registry automatically creates an account with Sumo Logic and sends it logs for analysis. Once an account is created through JFrog Container Registry, you can connect several instances to that same account. The Sumo Logic data analytics platform will, in turn, display pre-enabled dashboards which can be customized as needed. This enables you to access Sumo Logic’s premium operational analytics directly from JFrog Container Registry, letting you index and analyze both structured metrics data and unstructured log data together in real time. The Sumo Logic App for JFrog Container Registry provides you with a customizable dashboard showing a variety of analytics such as:

  • Traffic by geo-location
  • Active IPs
  • Most active repositories
  • Top referred files
  • Requests by status codes
  • Denied login attempts
  • and much more.

For more details about the different analytics that the Sumo Logic App for JFrog Container Registry can provide, please visit the Sumo Logic website.

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The Log Analytics Configuration can be found in the Admin module under Advanced | Log Analytics.

Get started by setting the Enable checkbox.

Continue by obtaining your Sumo Logic credentials as described in the next section.


To access the Sumo Logic JFrog Container Registry dashboard, you need a Client ID and Secret.

Creating a New Account

If this is the first time you are using the Sumo Logic App for JFrog Container Registry you need to create an account to obtain your login credentials. Select Create New Connection. and click "Access Dashboard".

JFrog Container Registry will connect you to the Sumo Logic App for JFrog Container Registry. Your user name will automatically be taken as the email from your JFrog Container Registry account. 

Access Sumo Logic

Select your region, agree to the Service License Agreement and click "Access Dashboard".


For best performance, make sure to select the region that is geographically closest to your JFrog Container Registry instance.

Trial account is free

The account created through this integration with JFrog Container Registry is a free trial account. To continue using the integration through this account beyond the trial expiry date, access your account on Sumo Logic and upgrade it to a paid account. 

Traffic Log

The traffic log provides information about download and upload events from JFrog Container Registry and must be enabled for JFrog Container Registry to send the download and upload events to your Sumo Logic dashboard.
The traffic.log is disabled by default and must be manually enabled. 

To activate the traffic.log file, add the following parameter to your $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/ file :


For this change to take effect so you can start collecting site traffic information, you will need to restart your system.

Connection Established

Once the connection is established, the Sumo Logic App will start analyzing your log files and populating the dashboard. This process may take several minutes to complete.

Out-of-the-box, the Sumo Logic App comes pre-configured with several dashboards. You can modify these and add to them as needed.

Sumo Logic Dashboard

For details on how to work with and modify your dashboard, please refer to the Sumo Logic documentation.

The Log Analytics screen in JFrog Container Registry will reflect the connected status showing the Client ID and Secret needed to log into your account.