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Self-Hosted Subscriptions

All of the JFrog subscriptions comprise of JFrog Artifactory. Additional optional JFrog products support advanced DevOps features and functionality providing the end-to-end JFrog Platform experience.

Choose the JFrog Self Hosted Subscription that Fits You Best

JFrog Container Registry
CE (C/C++)/ OSS


Pro X

Enterprise X


JFrog Artifactory

Annual Artifactory Pro license

Universal package support for all major package types

Integrations with major CI/CD tools you likely already have

Free maintenance and upgrades at no extra charge

Note that the Pro version does not include 24/7 SLA support. 

JFrog Artifactory

24/7 SLA support

JFrog Xray

  • Deep recursive security scanning
  • License compliance scanning
  • Impact analysis
  • Dependency tracking
  • IDE and CI/CD integration
  • Open API

3 Artifactory servers

Multi-site replication

Advanced storage support and options

JFrog Mission Control included at no charge for advanced Administration

Maximized Uptime – up to 99.999%

Management of heavy loads with load balancing

Minimized Maintenance Downtime

  • (optional) JFrog Xray HA as an add-on

6 Artifactory servers

On-site training

JFrog Xray HA built-in

JFrog Pipelines (universal CI/CD baked in)

JFrog Insight (continuous intelligence about your DevOps pipeline)

JFrog Artifactory Edge Nodes (for secure software distribution)

JFrog Access Federation (for global access and permission control)

On-Demand Jar Signing and Web Start Application

Custom repository layout for non-Maven module management

Repository Replication

Multi-push Replication


  • JFrog Container Registry:
    Docker, Helm, Generic
  • OSS: Maven, Gradle, Ivy, SBT, Generic
  • CE (C/C++):
    Conan, Generic

Local, Remote, and Virtual Repositories

Federated Repositories

Integration with all leading CI-servers

Promotion, demotion and cleanup of build artifacts

Managing build artifacts for reproducible builds

Powerful REST API for Release Automation

CLI Integration

Extend Artifactory with Groovy-based User Plugins

LDAP Groups

Multiple additional options for authentication

SAML Single Sign-on

Powerful SSO integration for NTLM, Kerberos, etc.

Search by Name, Archive, Property or Checksum Values

Artifactory Query Language (AQL)

Managing Sorted Fields

                                  OSS, CE 

Annotate Artifacts with Searchable Properties

JFrog Container


Ecosystem Integrations


Filestore Sharding

Cloud Storage

AWS S3 Object Storage

Endpoints other than s3.amazonaws.com require an Enterprise or Enterprise+ license

Google Cloud Storage

Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage

JFrog Container Registry 


High Availability

Five-nines Availability

Redundant Cluster of Servers

Unlimited Server Scalability

Near-zero Maintenance Downtime


Vulnerability Scanning

Open Source License Checks

SLA-based Support

Access Federation

JFrog Artifactory Edge

Distributing Release Bundles


Project-based Management

3 Projects

3 Projects

3 Projects

30 Projects

300 Projects

SCIM ID Management Support

3rd Party and Vault Integration

Cold Artifact Storage

Free Upgrades24/7 SLA Support24/7 SLA SupportHigh Touch Support

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