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The Red Hat Certified UBI Docker Image provides an alternative to the official JFrog Artifactory Docker image.  The underlying image operating system is replaced it with Red Hat's UBI. The image contains other minor modifications to meet Red Hat certification but behaves and works in the same way as the official JFrog Artifactory Docker image


  • An active Red Hat subscription
  • Artifactory Pro (or higher) license
  • Docker/OpenShift (or service capable of deploying Docker images)
Page Contents

Using the JFrog Artifactory Red Hat Certified UBI Docker Image

For either method, configure and use the image with the official JFrog Docker image using a different image name.

Running on OpenShift

This image uses a UID that is outside the scope of OpenShift. Use anyuid security context constraint to open this image in OpenShift.

Upgrading JFrog Artifactory Using the Red Hat Certified UBI Docker Image

Follow the official Docker to Docker upgrade procedure, using a different image name/source.

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