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The load balancer is the entry point to your high availability installation and optimally distributes requests to the server nodes in your system. You will need to setup your load balancer.

How does it work?

Once the Artifactory node receives the request from the load balancer, the Artifactory router is responsible to forward each request to the JFrog services (Xray, Mission Control, Distribution and Pipelines) accordingly.

For a complete system overview see the system architecture page.

Available JFrog subscription levels:

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Setting up your load balancer

One load balancer is required per JFrog Platform Deployment (JPD). The load balancer should be configured to the Artifactory instances in your JPD. Read more about how to set up your Load Balancer in the HTTP Settings page.

TLS Enabled

If you have enabled TLS in your JFrog Platform Deployment, your JFrog Router block all non-TLS connections. 
You will therefore need to set up a secure connection between your Load Balancer and your JFrog Platform Deployment as well.
To do that you'll need to add the JPD TLS certificate to your load balancer key store. Read more on how to do that in the Managing TLS Certificates page. 

Configuring Health Check

Use following end point for configuring health check for your load balancer for the JFrog Platform.

Description: Get a simple status response about the state of a JFrog Product
Returns 200 code with an 'OK' text if the product is working properly, if not will return an HTTP error code with a reason.
Since: Artifactory 7.0.0, Xray 4.0.0, Mission Control 4.0.0, Distribution 2.0.0, Pipelines 1.0.0
Security: Requires a valid user (can be anonymous)
Usage: GET /router/api/v1/system/health
Produces: text/plain
Sample Output:

GET /router/api/v1/system/health

Healthy Response:
200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
  "router": {
    "node_id": "abcef-1324-wxyz",
    "state": "HEALTHY",
    "message": "OK"
  "services": [
      "service_id": "jfsvc@123",
      "node_id": "hijkl-56789-mnopq",
      "state": "HEALTHY",
      "message": "OK"

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