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JFrog Distribution supports distributing your Release Bundles to remote Artifactory Edge nodes within an Air Gap environment. This use case is mainly intended for organizations such as financial institutions and military installations that have two or more JFrog Artifactory instances that have no network connection between them. 

Distributing Release Bundles in an Air Gap environment involves these main steps:

  1. Create and sign a Release Bundle.
  2. Export the Release Bundle as an archive (zip file) from your JFrog Distribution.
  3. Copy the archive to an external device, such as a hard drive or USB flash drive, and transfer to the Air Gap environment (the network where the destination Artifactory is located)
  4. Directly Import the archive in the destination Artifactory node.

Importing and exporting your Release Bundles can be performed using one of these methods:

Supported Product Versions

The Air Gap Distribution feature is supported from Distribution 2.5 and requires Artifactory 7.9.

JFrog Subscription Levels

Page Contents

Exporting and Importing Release Bundles in the WebUI

Exporting a Release Bundle Version

In Distribution, you export the Release Bundle version as a downloadable .zip file and then proceed to download the archived Release Bundle from the Actions list in the Distributable page. 

Exporting Release Bundle Rules and Guidelines
  • Only a signed Release Bundle labeled as Ready can be exported.
  • Only a single Export archived file can be exported as the Release Bundles is immutable. 
  • Exporting Release Bundles requires the Distribute Bundles Permission.

To export a Release Bundle version from the Source Artifactory instance:

  1. From the Application module, navigate to Distribution | Release BundlesDistributable.
  2. Create and sign a Release Bundle.
    Wait for the Release Bundle state to be set as Ready.
  3. Navigate to the Release Bundle version you wish to export, and select Export Version from the Version Actions list.

    Note that this process may take a few minutes.
  4. From the Version Actions list, select Download Version.

    You can download the <Release Bundle Name>.zip file to your local drive.

    Deleting an Exported Version

    After the Export process has completed, the Delete Exported File action is displayed in the Version Actions list.

  5. Copy the download <Release Bundle Name>.zip file to an external device (such as a hard drive or USB flash drive).

Importing a Release Bundle Version

Importing Release Bundles requires Admin permissions.

To import a Release Bundle on the target Artifactory instance:

  1. Access the target Artifactory and copy the <Release Bundle Name>.zip to the local machine.
  2. From the Application module, navigate to the Release Bundles | Distribution | Received.

    From Distribution release 2.14, the following UI changes have been made:

    • A filter search has been added to enable you to search for a specific release bundle by name or by latest version.
    • The total count for Received Release Bundles is also displayed in the UI
  3. Click +Import.
    This displays the Import Release Bundle dialog.
  4. You can now select an import file using one of the following methods:
    1. Import directly from your local drive using the Files option.
    2. Import the Release Bundle from a predefined path location.
      Prerequisite: Save your Release Bundle in the root of your user-defined ARTIFACTORY_HOME/var/data/artifactory/import/ folder.
      Note that as part of storage optimization, the file will automatically be deleted from the /imports folder after the Release Bundle has been successfully imported.

      Importing Release Bundles in an HA Cluster Environement

      In an HA environment, you have an option to save the exported Release Bundle on a different node in the cluster as long as the Release Bundle is saved in the root of the /import folder.

  5. Click Import.
  6. A progress bar displays the import process.

    The imported Release Bundle is added to the Received tab.

Exporting and Importing Release Bundles Using the REST API

Exporting and importing your Release Bundles is performed in two stages, whereby you export the Release Bundles from Distribution and import the Release Bundles on your Artifactory node.

Run these export Release Bundle commands using the Distribution REST API:

  1. Export Release Bundle Version Archived File

  2. Get Exported Release Bundle Version Status
  3. Download the Exported Release Bundle Archive: Use the download_URL field to download the exported archive when the Status is set to COMPLETED.


Run these import Release Bundle commands using the Artifactory REST API:

  1. Import Release Bundle Version
  2. Get Release Bundle Version Import Status
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