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This page presents release notes for JFrog Distribution describing the main fixes and enhancements made to each version as it is released.

If you need release notes for earlier versions of Distribution, please refer to the Release Notes in the Distribution 1.x User Guide.

Before You Get Started!

Be sure to read the Distribution 2.0 Release Notes carefully before installing or upgrading any version of Distribution 2.X version to learn about the new features and functionality Introduced in the JFrog Platform.


Click to download the latest Distribution version.

Installer Name Change!

From Distribution 2.0, the installer naming convention has been changed to include the installer type.
The following table lists the official installer names.

Installer TypeInstaller Syntax
Linux archivejfrog-distribution-<version>-linux.tar.gz


For installation instructions please refer to Installing Distribution

To upgrade to this release from your current installation please refer to Upgrading Distribution.

Distribution 2.4

Released: July 5, 2020


Hybrid Distribution

JFrog SaaS supports Hybrid Distribution allowing you to distribute your Release Bundles from Artifactory Cloud to multiple Cloud and On-Prem Edge nodes within the same organisation. Hybrid Cloud promotes scalability and flexibility allowing you to distribute sensitive and highly regulated and mission critical Release Bundles to Artifactory On-Prem edges while using the Artifactory Cloud for mainstream public distributions and thereby gaining significant cost savings. For more information, see Hybrid Distribution.

Added Manual Linux Archive Installation

You can now install JFrog Distribution using a Linux Archive installer in addition to the existing options giving more control over how to set up your environment. For more information, see Manual Linux Archive Installation.

Feature Enhancements

Automated GPG Public Key Propagation to Edge Nodes

The automatic propagation of signed public GPG Keys to the Artifactory source and edge nodes is now an integral part of the upload process of the GPG keys to Distribution. To support this, the Upload and Propagate GPG Signing Keys for Distribution REST API has been introduced and replaces the Upload GPG Signing Key for Distribution REST API command that is now deprecated from version Distribution version 2.4. For more information, see GPG Signing.

Export/Import Release Bundle Metadata to Support One To One Pairing

To support the Artifactory to Distribution One to One paring ratio in the JFrog Platform, you can now migrate Release Bundle metadata of the relevant Artifactory Instance to the correlating Distribution Service. For more information, see Distribution and Artifactory One to One Pairing.

Distribution to the source Artifactory without Proxy

The requirement to Distribute to the source Artifactory via a proxy has been removed.

Distribution Load Balancing Mechanism Improvements 

Improved the load balancing mechanism in High Availability environments.

PostgreSQL Version Support

Distribution is now certified to run with PostgreSQL versions 10.X, 11.X, and 12.X. Note that, all JFrog’s installers bundling PostgreSQL have been updated to use a newer PostgreSQL version 10.13.

Resolved Issues
  1. Fixed an issue whereby you could not distribute Release Bundles from Artifactory version 7.x to Artifactory Edge 6.x edge nodes.
  2. When creating a Release Bundle, exclude Release Bundle repositories from the source.

Distribution 2.4.1

Released: 26 July 2020

Feature Enhancements

Distribution to Artifactory Edge nodes behind a proxy is now supported.

Distribution 2.3

Released: May 27, 2020

Feature Enhancements

Retrieve the Latest Version of a Release Bundle REST API 

You can now retrieve the Last Release Bundle Version through the Rest API which enables you to distribute the latest version of the Release Bundle to your dedicated Edge nodes. 

Improved Release Bundle Distribution Auditiblity and Tracking

A new set of parameters have been added to the Release Bundle APIs providing you with more audibility into the Distribution process:

  • The  created_by and distributed_by parameters provide information on who created and distributed the Release Bundles.

  • The start_time, finish_time and duration parameters provide information on the Distribution timeline of the Release Bundle.
Get Public GPG Key REST API 

The Artifactory Edge Node verifies the Release Bundle signature with a public GPG key. You can now view the assigned public GPG Key by running the Get Public Key REST API command.

Distributing Release Bundle UI Improvements 

Improved the Release Bundle Distribution management experience in the UI while providing you with the option to delete Release Bundles either from the JFrog Distribution server or from the JFrog Edge nodes.

Resolved Issues

  1. Fixed an issue whereby multiple Distribution nodes for one Edge Node were not performing well by introducing an algorithm for improving distribution scalability. 
  2. Fixed an issue whereby Distribution was not supporting distributing Release Bundles containing artifacts using Unicode characters in the artifact name.
  3. Fixed an issue whereby the Release Bundle “In-Progress” status was generated for all distribution issues. This general state has been replaced with specific states to accommodate different distribution issues.

Distribution 2.2

Released: February 23, 2020

Resolved Issues

  1. Fixed an issue where Distribution did not recover when the Mission Control token was not valid or if the Mission Control service was not running when Distribution started.
  2. Fixed an issue which caused confusion in the use of the Create Release Bundle Version REST API. From this release, the default of the dry_run parameter is now FALSE, so that by default, executing the REST API creates the release bundle object. 

    Action Required!

    Previously triggering this API with the default value=True, resulted in running a dry run only. Note that this new default will execute the action.

Distribution 2.0

Released: January 12, 2020

Deprecated Features
Distribution 2.0 introduces several deprecated features. Learn More > 
Also read about the features that are currently out of scope and will be available soon, in forthcoming release. Learn More >

Breaking Changes
For a list of breaking changes in Distribution and other services in the JFrog Platform, click here >

REST API Changes
For a list of REST API changes in Distribution, click here >

Important: The JFrog Platform web UI is now accessed through port 8082 (For example, http://SERVER_HOSTNAME:8082/ui/). Accessing Xray directly for REST API and downloads is still possible through port 8081. Learn More >


JFrog Platform

Announcing the new JFrog Platform, designed to provide developers and administrators with a seamless DevOps experience across all JFrog products, supporting the following main features:

  • Universal package management with all major packaging formats, build tools, and CI servers.
  • Security and Compliance that's fully integrated into the JFrog Platform, providing full trust of your pipeline from code to production.
  • Radically simplified administration with all configurations in one place.
  • Complete trust in your pipeline all the way from code to production.
  • Seamless DevOps experience from on-prem, cloud, hybrid or multi-cloud of your choice.

JFrog Platform New Functionalities

System Architecture

The new Distribution architecture has been updated to align with all JFrog products in the Platform. Learn More >

Distribution system.yaml

This release introduces a new system configuration file, allowing system configurations to be handled externally to the application, before/after the installation process. Learn More >

Installation and Upgrade

Distribution 2.0 comes with a new installer, which affects the installation and upgrade procedures. The file structure has been improved and is now aligned across all JFrog products. Learn More >

Distribution must be connected only to a single Artifactory instance. If you have a single Distribution instance connected to multiple Artifactory instances, the upgrade to the JFrog Platform requires mapping a source Artifactory to a single Distribution service. If you are creating and distributing release bundles from multiple source Artifactory instances, you now need to deploy a Distribution service in every JPD that contains these source Artifactory instances. You would then register multiple Distribution services to one Mission Control.

Unified User Interface

This version introduces a new UI that is unified for the entire JFrog Platform, including all JFrog products. If you are using Artifactory and other JFrog products such as JFrog Xray, JFrog Distribution, JFrog Mission Control and JFrog Insights, you will now be able to access them all from within a single UI with one URL address. Learn More >

Unified Permission Model

This version unifies all JFrog product permissions, allowing easier permission management across all products from one unified UI. The Unified Permission Model enables you to create a single permission target that applies to all products installed in the JFrog Platform. Since the products are unified within the Platform, you can now use a single permission target to control the permissions of all products. Learn More >


All JFrog products now follow a standardized logging format and naming convention. Learn More >

Feature Enhancements

Xray Integration

Release Bundles can now be scanned for security and compliance issues with JFrog Xray. This means you can now define security and compliance policies for your organization, on the release bundles, to ensure your distributable content is protected and meets your standards. Learn More >

Package View Including Distribution Data

This version includes a Package Viewer, providing a 360 view of your packages from all your available JFrog services, including JFrog Distribution. With this, you can understand which packages are included in release bundles and have been distributed to various Artifactory Edge devices. Learn More >

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