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The Docker Registry Integration is used to connect the JFrog Pipelines platform to Docker Hub, Docker Trusted Registry, or a Docker registry in Artifactory so that you can pull and push Docker images.

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Creating an Integration

You can add this integration by following steps on the Managing Pipelines Integrations page.

Here is the information you need to create this integration:

  • Name -- choose a friendly name for the integration
  • url -- an optional field that defaults to Docker Hub if left empty. To use with Docker Trusted Registry or Docker Private Registry, enter the location of your private registry. Format https://foo.com
  • User Name -- username of your Docker Registry Account
  • Password -- password of your Docker Registry Account


The Docker Registry integration can be used in the Image resource.

The Docker Registry integration can also be added directly to a step in the integrations section. This automatically configures the Docker CLI with access to the registry.

Default Environment Variables

When you create a resource with this integration, and create a step that uses it, a set of environment variables is automatically made available.

Environment variable


res_<resource-name>_registry_urlURL supplied in the integration
res_<resource-name>_registry_usernameUsername supplied in the integration
res_<resource-name>_registry_passwordPassword supplied in the integration

When you add this integration directly to a step, a set of environment variables is automatically made available.
Environment variableDescription
int_<integration-name>_urlURL supplied in the integration
int_<integration-name>_usernameUsername supplied in the integration
int_<integration-name>_passwordPassword supplied in the integration


  • This example uses a Docker Registry integration named myDocker, which is used in the Image_1 resource.
  • The Pipelines DSL for this example is available in this repository in the JFrog GitHub account.
  - name: Image_1
    type: Image	
      registry: myDocker	      
      imageName: docker/jfreq_win	      
      imageTag: latest	
      autoPull: true

  - name: pipelines_Image_1
      - name: step_Image_1
        type: PowerShell
          nodePool: win_2019
            - name: Image_1
            - write-output "executing step..."
            - if($Image_1_isTrigger -ne "true"){
              Write-Error "Stop" -ErrorAction Stop
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