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The File Server integration is used to connect JFrog Pipelines a remote File server to download and upload files.

Creating an Integration

You can create this from the integrations page by following instructions here: Managing Pipelines Integrations.

This is the information you would require to create this integration:

  • Name -- choose a friendly name for the integration
  • Protocol -- select FTP, SFTP, or SMB
  • url -- the URL of your file server
  • User Name -- username for access to the file server
  • Password -- password for access to the file server

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A File Server integration is required for the source tag of the RemoteFile resource.

Default Environment Variables

When you create a resource with this integration, a set of environment variables is automatically made available that you can use in your scripts.

Environment variable


int_<integration_name>_urlURL of the file server
int_<integration_name>_usernameUsername supplied in the integration
<int_<integration_name>_passwordPassword supplied in the integration
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