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It's time to start your DevOps journey in the JFrog Platform. The Getting Started will help you get up and running with your selected JFrog environment - whether you are a Cloud or Self-Hosted user. 

Start with the onboarding tools such as the quickstart guides and onboarding videos, and learn more about the JFrog Platform and all the products that make up the DevOps experience.

After you are oriented, you can continue to dive deeper into the JFrog Platform depending on your selected solution - JFrog Cloud or JFrog Self-Hosted.

Onboarding the JFrog Platform

JFrog Platform Overview

Learn about the JFrog Platform and how it gives you an end-to-end  seamless experience from build to production using the different JFrog products.

JFrog Platform Overview


Onboarding Videos 

Watch onboarding best practices videos that will help you get started with Artifactory, Xray, and Pipelines.

Onboarding Best Practices: JFrog Artifactory

Onboarding Best Practices: JFrog Xray

Onboarding Best Practices: JFrog Pipelines



Quickstart guides designed to help you get started quickly and easily with setting up your JFrog Platform.

QuickStart Guide: JFrog Cloud

QuickStart Guide: JFrog Self-Hosted

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