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JFrog is designed to enable customers to set up the deployment that works best for them. As such, in addition to our Self-hosted and Cloud solutions, JFrog supports a Hybrid deployment that allows customers to create their main solution in type of deployment (i.e., Self-hosted or Cloud), and to then add JFrog Platform Deployments (JPDs) in another constellation.

How does it Work?

The Hybrid Deployment depends on your primary JFrog Platform.

Cloud Customer

Cloud customers can choose to add additional Distribution Edges in a Self-hosted environment. This implementation supports the distribution of your Release Bundles from JFrog Distribution on the cloud to multiple Cloud and Self-hosted Distribution Edges within the same organization. This means that customers can develop their software using the JFrog Platform on the cloud while gaining the flexibility of consuming the software on the Cloud and Self-hosted. See Hybrid Distribution.

Self-hosted Customer

Self-hosted customers may sometimes require the option of adding additional JFrog Distribution Edges in the cloud. This is achieved through the Distribution Edges Add-on, a commercial offering for Self-hosted customers to leverage JFrog Cloud for software distribution. This add-on enables Self-hosted customers to add cloud Distribution  Edges managed by JFrog (software-as-a-service) and fully utilize them for content distribution. See Configuring Distribution Edges Using the Distribution Edges Add-on.

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