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Get up and running with the JFrog Platform on the Cloud

Welcome to the JFrog Platform on the cloud. In this section, you will find information to get you started whether you are a new user or an existing user to the JFrog Platform.

  • If you do not yet have a subscription, get started with a Free subscription of the JFrog Platform on the Cloud
  • If you are a new user, get started with the onboarding videos for JFrog ArtifactoryJFrog Xray, and JFrog Pipelines.

     Getting Started Wizard for Cloud New Users

    Welcome to the JFrog Platform

    Get up and running quickly and easily using the Getting Started wizard. The wizard is launched when you first start the JFrog Platform, making sure you can complete the set up with the minimal information needed to get started. This section is intended to help you understand how to use and navigate the wizard.  

    This is the first screen that appears when you start the JFrog Platform. Here, you will see the three main steps of getting started: 

    Step 1     First, you will start by creating a Repository and manage access to the repository by setting different permissions and roles, which you will also assign to groups.

    Step 2    The next step will be scanning your packages for any security vulnerabilities or violations.

    Step 3    The last step is to build, manage, and automate your CI/CD pipeline.

    You will be navigated through the different steps depending on each of the main steps. For example, when you select Create a Repository, you will be redirected to select a repository type:

    Depending on what you select here, you will be taken to the next step in the wizard of creating and setting up your repository:

    After completing each step, a success message pops up directing you to the next step:

    Note that if you are unsure or need to learn more about a step, you can access the information you need in the JFrog documentation. 

    I need to pause working in the wizard, what do I do?

    The wizard is collapsable and can be accessed any time you need it. If for any reason, you need to pause the process, you can always access and resume the steps where you left off.

    Once clicked, the wizard will expand containing all the main steps and sub-steps:

    The progress of the main steps is indicated as either In Progress or Completed. The sub-steps that are completed are indicated by the color green.

    I closed the wizard, how do I access it again?

    If you closed the wizard and want to access it again, you can open it from the user menu:


    Once you complete all the steps, you will receive a message indicating all the steps you have completed.

    You can proceed with using the JFrog Platform and all its services. 

  • If you are an existing user new to the platform, learn about changes to your Cloud service.

Quick Access

The JFrog Platform provides the following workflow to support the DevOps lifecycle on the Cloud.                                                                           

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