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JFrog Insight provides you with the metrics about the JFrog Platform. You can monitor the various trends graphs related to Distribution, Replication, Security and Storage based on historical data collected and stored in the Unified JFrog Platform. For more information, see Viewing Trends in the Dashboard.

Insight uses the microservices insight-server and insight-scheduler to gather metrics from JFrog Platform Deployments (JPDs). Insight microservices use an Elasticsearch database to store metrics in an Elasticsearch database. The Insight server pulls information from the servers in a JPD and stores the information in the Elasticsearch database.

Main Features and Functionality

Storage Metrics

The Storage Trend tracks the physical storage for each of your registered JPDs. It provides insight into Artifactory storage garbage collection metrics, Repository Storage metrics, and Optimization Info. For more information, refer to Storage Trends.

Xray Insight Metrics

Xray Insight metrics enables you to gain insights on how the number of scanned components are changing over time. For more information, refer to Xray Insights.

Incoming HTTP Requests Metrics

Incoming HTTP Requests metrics provides insights on incoming HTTP requests. These requests are time-sensitive and proactively monitoring response times can help you address performance issues. For more information, see Incoming HTTP Requests Metrics.

Performance Metrics 

Performance metrics provides insights on the performance of your platform deployments, such as slow queries, DB Connections, Heap Size, and remote repository HTTP connections in a Self-Hosted environment. For more information, see Performance Trends.

Replication Trends

Replication Trends tracks full or incremental replication from the selected JPD to any of the target JPDs. Tracking the Replication trends provides you with insight into the quality of the replication based on rate and errors. For more information, refer to Replication Trends.

System Metrics

System metrics provides insights on the server that is hosting the JFrog Platform and its products in a Self-Hosted environment. For more information, see System Metrics.

Private Distribution Network (PDN)

Private Distribution Network (PDN) is a lightweight, storage-savvy distribution solution that enables you to meet your growing distribution needs and to serve more consumers. For more information, see Private Distribution Network.

Remote Repository Requests Metrics

Remote Repository Requests metrics provides insights on the success of remote repository requests, the performance of remote repository requests - the duration and throughput, and the Top 100 API calls. For more information, see Remote Repository Requests Metrics.

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