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The JFrog Platform ‘New interface’ (UI) is now available as a Beta version for all our new trial users. As part of the new UI experience, our aim was to improve UI simplicity, enable easy access to essential features, and provide you with a powerful DevOps-centric end-to-end Software Supply Chain experience.

This new UI will be rolled out gradually during 2023 to users on all the JFrog deployment types, both Cloud and Self-hosted.

About the JFrog Platform New Interface (Beta) Documentation

As of the end of December 2022, the ‘New Interface’ is still in Beta mode; therefore, the current JFrog documentation reflects the ‘Classic Interface’ UI experience. To help you find your way in the New UI, we have added dedicated notes to the documentation indicating the new navigation paths. 

As a rule of thumb, you can simply ignore the module names - Administration and Application - and navigate to the next location in the path. For example, Application module > Artifactory > Packages is now Artifactory > Packages. For more information, see JFrog Classic Interface vs. New Interface.

Let’s review the main features of the JFrog Platform “New” Interface (Beta).

Page Contents

Main Features and Capabilities

Intuitive and Quick Navigation

The new JFrog Platform interface is all about simplicity and ease of use. Designed to provide intuitive and quick access to those tasks that you perform on a daily basis, the New UI includes these JFrog product tabs: Artifactory, Xray, Distribution, and Pipelines. When hovering over the Product name, you will see the list of related tasks allowing you to easily access your required task.

Users migrating from Self-Hosted to Cloud will have access to 'New Interface' experience. Note that existing bookmarks will be migrated and will be fully functional. 

Keyboard Shortcuts For Common Tasks

Navigation and common action keyboard shortcuts have been added to the 'New Interface' enabling you to work faster and perform your daily tasks more efficiently in the JFrog Platform

To view the list of keyboard shortcuts, click Help on the taskbar and select Keyboard Shortcuts.

Centralized Platform Administration

Administrators can now view and configure all the JFrog Platform-related settings from the centralized Platform Configurations tab , which is accessible from the taskbar.

When you select an option from the Platform Configurations list, the page will open in the left navigation bar. To return to the main view, simply click the Back arrow.

Intuitive Project Management

Using the New UI, you can easily create, manage and search your projects from one central location. Selecting a project opens the Project Settings tab within the main view, while administrators can also create projects from the Platform Setting option.

One-Stop-Shop for JFrog Integrations

As part of JFrog's product philosophy you as a developer should have the option to choose whatever works best for you. To support this, all the JFrog integrations are now accessible from a central dashboard providing an easy way to find and deploy integrations that are trusted, fully optimized, and certified to run on your selected environment.

Toggling Between the JFrog Platform ‘New’ Interface vs. ‘Classic’ Interface

As part of the migration to the New UI, you can check out the two experiences by toggling between the two interfaces:

  • ‘Classic Interface': Displays information in these main modules -  Application and Administration. 
  • ‘New Interface (Beta)’: Displays a single, intuitive interface with features grouped by JFrog products.

To toggle between the interfaces in the UI:

  • Go to your User Profile on the taskbar, and select Switch to Classic interface.

Main Commonalities and Differences

  • Features and functionality are identical: Page titles and settings are identical in both interfaces
  • Navigation in a central interface: The ‘New Interface (Beta)’ provides a single, intuitive module as opposed to the division between two main modules - Application and Administration.
  • Projects: The Projects page have been relocated to the left navigation pane and provide a more intuitive workflow.

  • Reorganization: As part of the redesign, certain pages have been moved to different tabs. For more information see the following table.

Finding Your Way in the 'New' Interface

The following table maps the location of the features in the 'Classic Interface' that have been moved to a new feature sub-section in the 'New Interface (Beta)'.
For example, the Repository page in  now located under Artifactory and not under Administration.

Classic Interface

New Interface (Beta)

Application > Dashboard > Topology

Platform Configurations > Topology > Topology Overview

Application > Dashboard > Trends

Platform Configurations > Topology > Trends

Administration > Repositories > Repositories

Artifactory > Repositories

Administration > Repositories > Layouts

Platform Configurations >  Artifactory Settings > Layouts

Administration > Xray > Watches & Policies

Xray > Watches & Policies

Administration > Xray > Settings > Indexed Resources

Xray > Indexed Resources

Administration > Xray > Settings > General

Platform Configurations > Xray Settings > General

Administration > Xray > Settings > Webhooks 

Platform Configurations > Xray Settings > Webhooks

Administration > Xray > Settings > integrations 

Platform Configurations > Xray Settings > Integrations

Administration > Xray > Settings > Compliance Licenses 

Platform Configurations > Xray Settings > Compliance Licenses

Administration > User Management > Settings > Security Configuration

Platform Configurations > Platform Secuirty > General

Administration > User Management > Access Federation

Platform Configurations > Topology > Access Federation

Administration > Authentication Providers > LDAP

Platform Configurations > User Authentication > LDAP

Administration > Authentication Providers > SAML SSO

Platform Configurations > User Authentication > SAML SSO

Administration > Authentication Providers > OAuth SSO

Platform Configurations > User Authentication > OAuth SSO

Administration > Authentication Providers > Crowd / Jira

Platform Configurations > User Authentication > Crowd / Jira

Administration > Authentication Providers > SCIM

Platform Configurations > User Authentication > SCIM

Administration > User Management > Security Configuration

Platform Configurations > Platform Security > General > Security Configuration

Administration > Authentication Providers > Vault

Platform Configurations > Platform Security > Vault

Administration > Artifactory > Certificates

Platform Configurations > Platform Security > Certificates

Administration > Artifactory > Keys Management

Platform Configurations > Platform Security > 

Keys Management

Administration > General > Settings

Platform Configurations > Platform Management > General

Administration > General > Settings > Manage Integrations

Platform Configurations > Platform Management > Manage Integrations

Administration > License Details > License Buckets

Platform Configurations > Platform Management > 

License Buckets

Administration > General > Settings > Webhooks

Platform Configurations > Platform Management > Webhooks

Administration > Monitoring > Storage

Platform Configurations > Platform Monitoring > Storage

Administration > Monitoring > Replication

Platform Configurations > Topology > Replication

Administration > Platform Management > Registered JPDs

Platform Configurations > Topology > JPD Services

Administration > Platform Management >  Deployment Bindings

Platform Configurations > Topology > Deployment Bindings

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