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The following document lists the set of known issues in the JFrog Platform, including the version in which they were discovered, and the version in which they were fixed (if relevant). For JFrog Artifactory issues, click the issue ID for the details in JIRA.

Known issues are based on the following criteria:

  • Severity 1 critical issues
  • Breaking changes for upgrades
  • Issues that have caused downtime and restarts

How do Known Issues Affect Your System?

In this document, you will find the issues that met the criteria above and that were detected in a released version (only). When considering an upgrade to your system, we recommend that you review the Known Issues below (including the database schema issues that follow) to help you determine which is the right upgrade for your system.

Page Contents

Known Issues

Issue IDJFrog ProductDescriptionAffected From VersionFix VersionAdditional Information

PipelinesThe runtrigger crashes, which causes the pipeline to get triggered multiple times.

PipelinesThe "Uploading step information' was looped 270 times for a single step that errored out.

PipelinesThe Jenkins Native steps get stuck.1.18.0

DistributionConflicting target path for the Docker layers2.

XrayThe scan build times out when the build name contains '/'
RTFACT-26250ArtifactoryThe link to the HTTP-SSO does not work after the upgrade and generates an error message.

ArtifactoryArtifactory fails to start due to a circular reference of systemRepoFactory.

ArtifactoryMDS migration causes the distributed_locks table to bloat during a 6.x to 7.x upgrade.


ArtifactoryUsing join key twice (in file and system.yaml) causes startup failures7.

ArtifactoryThe Conan repositories created in the Free Trial are broken in version 7.9.0:  Free Trial instances do not support Conan repositories; therefore, it is not possible to configure users using Conan repositories.

ArtifactorySystem messages do not work in the UI.
RTFACT-23368ArtifactoryWhen an Azure guest user tries to log in to Artifactory, they are not able to log in successfully.

ArtifactoryArtifactory 7.8.0 does not start up after upgrading from Artifactory

ArtifactoryUnable to run Singleton type tasks, such as garbage collection. Singleton type tasks are marked with markers to decide if they can run and stop other tasks from running.


Because the addition of the "Allow Content browsing" in feature allowed stored XSS and phishing, an addition was made to version 6.23.16 to remove this potential security issue. However, this addition can lead to problems with accessing resources like XML, HTML due to the new CSP header  "Content-Security-Policy: sandbox".
RTFACT-22591ArtifactoryWhen trying to pull Docker images through, the proxy no longer works. This is probably due to an upgrade with the HTTP client., 6.21.0

ArtifactoryPostgreSQL driver should not be bundled in WARs but under tomcat/lib (the Postgres driver is being added twice in Docker containers: both as part of the Artifactory war (artifactory-online-war) and copied during the Docker build (artifactory-pro-docker)).

ArtifactoryArtifactory failed to start after redeployment.

ArtifactoryArtifactory fails to start in Azure SAAS due to "FileNotFoundException: /home/artifactory/.postgresql/root.crt". Consistently affects both AOL and JCR editions in SAAS. This issue occurs when we perform a redeploy of a SaaS customer with a new version, and occurs only on Azure staging environments (as opposed to other cloud providers).
ArtifactorySetting the default system proxy also changes the existing remote repositories definition.
RTFACT-21838ArtifactoryNuget local repository may return an incorrect version when IsLatestVersion=true., 6.20.0, 6.19.1

Re-indexing a path on the metadata server will cause a connection leak and eventually a starvation of connections of the database connection pool, due to a query with a lazy AQL query with an unclosed result set.

Artifact search performance issue due to case-insensitivity.


From Artifactory 7.0.0, the "artifact search" via UI/API is case-insensitive by default. The case-insensitive search can be disabled by applying the following property:

Database Schema Known Issues

The JFrog Platform requires a common database upgrade infrastructure for all products. Currently, each product has a different implementation, so the following database schema-related issues are also addressed in this Known Issues document.

Issue IDDescriptionAffected From VersionFix VersionAdditional Information


Problems when upgrading from 6.16.2 to 7.7.8 7.7.8

Artifactory does not cleanly remove deleted configuration import files7.


The security.<timetstamp>.xml file is being synced between nodes after upgrade upon Artifactory start process
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