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You can manage, monitor and gain visibility on all your installed JFrog Platform Deployments (JPDs) and the installed services according to geographic locations from within a central Dashboard in the platform. The monitored services are JFrog Artifactory, JFrog Xray and JFrog Distribution.

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Registering a Platform Deployment

  1. From the Administration module, click Platform Deployments.
  2. Click Register Platform Deployment.

  3. Click Add.
    The list of parameters follows.
A unique logical name for this JPD.

The geographical location of the JPD to be displayed on a global JPD view. 

Join Key or Pairing Token

Join Key: The Join Key token is taken from the JPD you are adding. From Artifactory version 7.29.7, the join key will no longer be the default method for connecting the JPD. We recommend using a pairing token instead.

Pairing Token: From Artifactory version 7.29.7, the preferred method for connecting the JPD will be using a pairing token. Pairing tokens are scoped for pairing services, and are short lived.

In the Administration tab, go to Identity and Access | Access Tokens | Pairing Token to generate the token.

You can also generate a scoped token using the REST API Create Token call to generate a token.


Add labels to be applied for filtering JPDs according to categories for example, location, dedicated centers - dev, testing, production.

Viewing Platform Deployment Information

In the Platform Deployments page, you can view a lists of registered Platform Deployments with their related installed services including Artifactory, Xray, Distribution, Xray and a status icon and access the Platform Dashboard including Trends and the map view in the Application module.

The Platform Deployment that Mission Control is part of is automatically named HOME and is assigned a default location. Since Mission Control was registered into this Platform Deployment as part of the installation process, only detail that can be edited is the location. This JPD cannot be unregistered or re-authenticated.

Unregistering Platform Deployments

You can unregister a Platform Deployment by deleting the Platform Deployment from the Platform Deployment registry list. The Platform Deployment is not physically removed but is no longer monitored by the system. This is useful for Platform Deployments that are no longer in service and service for internal in the organisation.

  1. From the Administration module, select Platform Deployments.
  2. Select the Platform Deployment from the Actions list, select Delete Platform Deployment.
  3. Click Confirm in the Confirm Deletion dialog.
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