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The JFrog Platform allows you to monitor your PDN downloads within the UI. The page lists the Peers, their status, number of files download, and the total consumption. 

To monitor PDN traffic consumption in your system, in the Administration module, go to Monitoring | PDN.

Viewing Detailed PDN Metrics (Requires JFrog Mission Control)

To view a fully populated PDN download metrics chart and advanced statistics, click See Detailed Info.

To learn more about PDN in the JFrog Platform, see Introduction to the Private Distribution Network (PDN).

Page Contents

Monitoring PDN on Artifactory Instances

This section provides a summary on the total number of PDN downloads performed in your JFrog Platform Self-Hosted environment with a breakdown by PDN Node instances. 

Identifier (IP)
The IP address of the PDN Node.
The group to which the PDN Node belongs.
The status of the PDN Node.
Last Seen
The last date and time that the data was recorded for the PDN Node.
Cache File Count
The total number of files that were download out of the total of allowed files.
Cache Size
The size of downloaded files out of the total of allowed files.
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