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Requires that JFrog Mission Control be installed with an Enterprise or Enterprise+ license.

The Monitoring Replication page displays information on all replications in which the selected JPD is involved. If multiple replications are configured for the service, you can filter the list by source or destination repository.

Page contents

Viewing and Monitoring Replication

To view the replication configuration, from the Administration module, click Monitoring | Replications | Configured tab.

Source Repo

The replication repo source.

TargetThe target JPD on which the Repo runs.
Target RepoThe target repo to which replication runs

Last Run

The previous replication run date.

StatusThe status of the replication.

Duration (sec)

The last replication duration time.

SizeThe size of the last replication.


The successful replication source artifact count.

FailedThe failed replication destination artifact count


The replication destination.

Rate (kbps)The transfer replication rate. 

You can monitor the replication process in the Monitoring tab by JPD.

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