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This page presents release notes for JFrog Private Distribution Network (PDN) describing the main fixes and enhancements made to each version as it is released.

Fixed Vulnerabilities and Reported Known Issues

Fixed security vulnerabilities and reported known issues are marked in the relevant releases. Refer to each release to see if there are relevant fixes and reported issues.


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Installer Names

The installer naming convention has been changed to include the installer type.
The following table lists the official installer names.

Installer TypeInstaller Syntax



Binary (only for PDN Node)jfrog-pdn-node-bin-<version>.zip


For installation instructions please refer to Installing Private Distribution Network (PDN).

PDN 1.3

Upgrading directly from 1.2 to 1.3 is not possible. You will need to first uninstall 1.2 and only then make a clean install of 1.3.

PDN 1.3.5

Released: December 11, 2022


The PDN installer (for both PDN Server and PDN Node) is now available for Helm Charts. See Installing Private Distribution Network (PDN)

The new PDN Node Helm chart includes:

  • Support for running PDN containers with different users using Helm chart
  • An optional Nginx pod to support rewrite rules
  • Support for volume claim for cache persistency
  • Configuring the PDN Group to the PDN Nodes
  • Defining the PDN Server URL and Join key

Improvements and Optimizations

  • Improved Memory Usage for PDN Server
    • Added configuration for the PDN Server for the max heap size to limit the PDN Server memory usage when needed
    • The PDN Server will handle memory allocation more efficiently.
  • Reduced the required resources from Artifactory when using PDN.
  • PDN Server installation using HELM is now defined as stateful (and not as deployment.) and supports volume claims

PDN 1.2

PDN 1.2.0

Released: September 28, 2022


Added a New Request Log

Added a request log to the tracker-request.log and distribution-node-request.log.

Improvements and Optimizations

Improved Memory Usage for PDN Nodes

Added configurations to the PDN Node advanced configurations that enable to improve and maximize memory allocation and set new defaults for the related PDN Node configurations. See PDN Node YAML Attributes.

PDN 1.1

PDN 1.1.3

Released: September 8, 2022


New API to Clear Cache from PDN Nodes and Server

Added REST APIs for clearing the stored cache in the PDN Network. The new API allows the user to specify the scope of PDN Network to clear the cache from (PDN Groups, Nodes) and selecting the files to be cleared. See Private Distribution Network (PDN) APIs and Metrics.

Improvements and Optimizations

Optimized PDN Server and nodes to provide better performance.

Resolved Vulnerabilities

This release contains resolved CVEs - security vulnerability issues.

PDN 1.0

PDN 1.0.5

August 1, 2022

Improvements and Optimizations

Optimized PDN to provide better performance.

PDN 1.0.3

Released July 17, 2022

Improvements and Optimizations

Optimized PDN to provide better performance.

PDN 1.0.1

Released: May 15, 2022

This is the initial release of the Private Distribution Network (PDN), JFrog's lightweight, storage-savvy distribution solution that enables you to meet your growing distribution needs and to serve more consumers, while still being in control over what can be consumed and by whom.

With PDN, nodes are organized into PDN Groups, providing resilience and easy management at scale, with automated mirroring and warm-up caching between nodes. PDN enables you to  define your own topology and to deploy PDN Nodes on a multi-layer cascading network that serves as a content cache and network optimization.

PDNs provide the same capabilities of Peer-to-Peer Downloads, with additional functionalities that supersede the Peer-to-Peer Downloads solution. To learn more, see Private Distribution Network.

The following are the versions of the JFrog Platform products that support PDN:

  • JFrog Artifactory - 7.38.8
  • JFrog Distribution - 2.12.3


You must have Distribution installed and configured to distribute Release Bundles to a PDN Group.


To distribute a Release Bundle to PDN, the PDN Nodes must be under a PDN Group.

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