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JFrog Projects is a management entity for hosting your resources (repositories, builds, Release Bundles, and Pipelines), and for associating users/groups as members with specific entitlements. As such, using projects helps Platform Admins to offload part of their day-to-day management effort and to generate a better separation between the customer products to improve customer visibility on efficiency, scale, cost, and security. Projects simplifies the onboarding process for new users, creates better visibility for LOBs and project stakeholders.

The Platform and Project Admins create and manage projects in a dedicated Projects section in the Administration module. Platform Admins first set up the initial projects and assign Project Admins to the project, who can then assign RBAC roles to the Platform users. The projects will then serve as filters and are not visible to the users in the Platform but allow users to view resources based on their project membership and permissions.

Projects Support in the JFrog Platform

From Artifactory 7.31.10, the JFrog Projects feature is now supported on all JFrog Subscriptions but varies on the number of projects, according to the following subscription types:

  • Pro/X subscription: Up to 3 projects (No option to extend for this subscription).
  • Enterprise subscription: Up to 30 projects (No option to extend for this subscription)
  • Enterprise+ subscription: Up to a total of 300 unique projects for each subscription with the option to increase the number of projects by purchasing an additional License Bucket. Each bucket supports an additional 100 projects.

Project Allocation for Enterprise+ Subscriptions

For Enterprise+ subscriptions, the number of Projects is per subscription and not per JPD and is managed by Mission Control.
The number of Projects applies to all your instances and is not related to the number of servers in your deployment. Mission Control manages the Project allocation for each connected JPD, and counts the allocated projects separately. 

WebUI Changes implemented in Artifactory 7.38.x and above

Identity & Access is now called User Management. All the relevant text and images on this page have been updated to reflect this change.

Before You Begin

When using projects, you will encounter new terminology and concepts. Before you begin planning and working with projects--and before creating your first project--it is important that you read the following topics carefully:

Getting Started with Projects

After familiarizing yourself with the terminology and concepts, follow these steps according to your status:

Viewing Projects in the JFrog Platform

WebUI Changes implemented in Artifactory 7.38.x and above

Identity & Access is now called User Management. All the relevant text and images on this page have been updated to reflect this change.

The project-related features in the JFrog Platform UI are:


In the Administration module, Platform Admins and Project Admins can view a Projects dropdown on the taskbar. The All dropdown lists all the projects created by the Platform Admin, including an All entry, displaying the global project settings for the entire platform.


A Projects tab is displayed in the Administration module left pane. The Platform Admin has access to this page and can view and create projects.


The Global Roles sub tab is added under Identity and Access to the Administration module. The Platform Administrator can define Global roles that will be available across the projects.

Selecting an individual project, displays these views:

4A Project Overview page allowing the Project Admin to review and manage project members and resources.
5The Roles page is added to the Project view in the Administration module, which allows Project Admin to create roles that will be available for the selected project only.


Onboarding Projects in an Upgraded Environment

WebUI Changes implemented in Artifactory 7.38.x and above

Identity & Access is now called User Management. All the relevant text and images on this page have been updated to reflect this change.

From Artifactory 7.17.4, Projects is enabled by default in the JFrog Platform for Enterprise and Enterprise+ users. The upgraded resources - packages, builds and Pipelines are saved under the 'Unassigned' tab and not yet allocated to specific projects. The resources in the Application module - packages, builds, Release Bundles, and Pipelines are displayed according to the predefined permission targets set prior to the upgrade.  

Xray version 3.21.2 is now supported in Projects. When upgrading to Artifactory 7.17.4 and Xray 3.21.2, all Xray related UI entities will appear in the scope of Projects. All previously created Watches and Policies will appear in the Watches & Policies page as Global Watches and Global Policies meaning they are not assigned to a project.  To create a Project Watch and Project Policy, you will have to create them in the project scope. To learn more about Xray in Projects, see Projects Concepts and Terminology

To onboard your existing users or group and resources into projects, do the following:

  1. Set up a new Project.
  2. Assign Platform users and groups with Roles in the Project.
  3. Assign your existing repositories to the Project.
  4. Remove the current permission targets from your reassigned resources.
    1. Navigate to User Management | Permissions and click the required Permission Target in the the Permission Target Name column.
    2. In the Edit Permissions Target page, modify the resource assignment in the Repositories tab. For more information, see Permissions.
  5. Assign your resources to the relevant Project.
    1. Click Go to unassigned repositories.

      From the Administration module, under Repositories | Repositories, select a repository and select a Project from the Projects list.

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