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JFrog supports integration with Prometheus for log monitoring. With the visualization tool Grafana, Prometheus can provide a central dashboard for performance analytics on JFrog platform. 

Prometheus Deprecation Announcement - Applies to all implementations

After finding core architectural issues in this implementation, this integration is fully deprecated, effective October 15, 2022. No further changes or updates will be made to this implementation.

A re-architected solution, which will address the shortcomings of this implementation, is almost complete and will be made available in Q1 of 2023.

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Setting Up Fluentd for Prometheus

To set up Fluentd for Prometheus, perform the following steps:

  1. Install Fluentd based on the installation guide for your platform and real-time observability.
  2. Install the Prometheus Fluentd plugin which exposes the logging events as an HTTP metrics interface for Prometheus.
  3. Configure Fluentd agent as per the sample configuration, that matches the JFrog application running in the node, provided in JFrog log analytics Github repo.

Viewing JFrog Log Data in Prometheus with Grafana

Configure Prometheus to automatically detect new metrics interfaces for JFrog services that expose the HTTP metrics interface that you set up with your FluentD Prometheus plugin.

With Prometheus collecting your metrics, you can now visualize them with Grafana, the visualization layer for Prometheus. Using Prometheus’s PromQL query language, you can set up queries for your dashboard. You can import JFrog’s example dashboard which provides the following graph widgets.

  • Upload Data Transfers
  • Download Data Transfers
  • Top Downloading IPs
  • Top Uploading IPs
  • Top Artifacts by Requests
  • Top Repos by Requests
  • Top Repos by Data
  • Audit Users
  • Artifactory User Access
  • Artifactory 5XX Status Codes and errors
  • Xray 5XX Status Codes and errors
  • Denied Login Attempts
  • Denied Actions by IP
  • Denied Actions by User

For more detailed instructions on the Prometheus/Grafana integration refer to the JFrog github project.

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