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JFrog Artifactory supports the following methods for pushing multi-architecture Docker images to a Docker Registry:

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Pushing Docker Images One by One

Backward Compatibility

To learn how the standard Docker Pull REST API functions in Artifactory 7.21.3, see Pushing Multi-Architecture Docker Images Using Docker Build.

You can push multi-architecture Docker images, using a 'Manifest Lists' file, (officially referred to as the ‘fat manifest file’ by Docker), which references image manifests for platform-specific versions of an image. For more information, click here.

The process of pushing multi-architecture Docker images is similar to the standard Docker Push process, with a few exceptions: 

  1. Each architecture gets a different tag. 
  2. After all of the architectures have been built and pushed, a single ‘fat manifest file' is created that contains all of the images with the relevant tagging. 
  3. After pushing the 'fat manifest file', the images are published with the given tags.
$ docker build -t domain/docker/multiarch-image:amd64 --build-arg ARCH=amd64/<docker_file>
$ docker push domain/docker/multiarch-image:amd64

$ docker build -t domain_name: port/docker/multiarch-image:arm64 --build-arg ARCH=arm64/<docker_file>
$ docker push domain/docker/multiarch-image:arm64

$ docker manifest create \
domain_name:port1/docker/multiarch-image:tag \
--amend domain/docker/multiarch-image:amd64 \
--amend domain/docker/multiarch-image:arm64 \
$ docker manifest push domain/docker/multiarch-image:my-tag

Pushing Images in Bulk Using the Docker Buildx CLI

From Artifactory 7.21.2 and higher, Artifactory supports the Docker buildx command, allowing you to create and upload Docker ‘manifest lists’ to the Docker registry in Artifactory. Docker buildx allows you to build and push multi-architecture images using a single command instead of having to build and push each of the architecture images separately. For more information, see Working with buildx.

To support Docker buildx, Artifactory saves each architecture of the image under the following path structure, together with the tag that includes the originally published tag, the image operating system, and the image architecture.


The following example shows the Docker buildx API usage.

docker buildx build  --platform linux/amd64,linux/arm64 --tag domain/docker/multiarch-image:tag --output=type=image,push=true  --push  .

Pushing Multi-Architecture Docker Images Using Docker Build

From Artifactory version 7.21.3 and higher, if you continue to push multi-architecture Docker images using Docker build, all your pushed images will be duplicated, and the architecture tag will be automatically added to each image. 

In the following example, pushing the following images using Docker Build will result in Artifactory automatically duplicating the images and adding the linux tag to each image. 

List Manifest
Image A
  1. Image A is pushed during the build.


  2. Artifactory duplicates the image and adds the 'linux' tag.

Image B
  1. Image B is pushed during the build.

  2. Artifactory duplicates the image and adds the 'linux' tag.


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