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This binary provider is not independent and will always be used as part of a more complex template chain of providers.

Filestore Fundamentals

This page provides you with the information about a specific binary provider. For more information on filestores and the various filestores that you can use, see Configuring the Filestore.

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Retry Binary Provider Configuration

In case of a failure in a read or write operation, this binary provider notifies its underlying provider in the hierarchy to retry the operation.


Default: 5000 ms

The time interval to wait before retries.

Default: 5

The maximum number of attempts to read or write before responding with failure.


The example below shows a configuration that uses S3 for persistent storage , but uses a retry provider to keep retrying (up to a maximum of 10 times) in case upload fails. 

<!-- The S3 binary provider configuration -->
<config version="v1">
	<chain template="s3"/>
	<provider id="s3" type="s3">
	   	<endpoint><My OpenStack Server></endpoint>
	   	<bucketName><My OpenStack Container></bucketName>
    	<property name="s3service.disable-dns-buckets" value="true"></property>                               

<!-- The retry provider configuration -->
	<provider id="retry" type="retry">
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